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Webster Griffin Tarpley
Webster Griffin Tarpley

Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley is in some ways a complement to individuals such as Chalmers Johnson and Noam Chomsky who attempt to speak truth to power from an academic point of view.  Others such as Ralph Peters, Chuck Spinney, and Robert Young Pelton comes at truth to power froma “ground truth” perspective.

Many will disagree with Dr. Tarpley's analytic conclusions, but we stand firm on the importance of his point of view and the need to hear his voice.  He is a valued contributor to Phi Beta Iota.

Review: Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Thorugh the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History

Review: Barack H. Obama–The Unauthorized Biography

Review: Obama–The Postmodern Coup – Making of a Manchurian Candidate

Review: 9/11 Synthetic Terror–Made in USA, Fourth Edition

Phi Beta Iota: Dr. Tarpley is a brilliant historian, and we continue to believe that his work on 9-11 was of the highest order, but new evidence has been produced that suggests he might be an agent of influence of the Israeli Mossad, perhaps not directly recruited, but financially subsidized through intermediaries.  With regret, and continued respect, he is suspended as a contributor effective 30 January 2010.  His obsession with blaming the CIA for everything should be understood in this light, but is never-the-less respected as a voice that must be heard.

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