AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 31 August 2009


Hot Topics

ER: Eritrea's militarization 08/29/09

GM: GAMBIA: Plans to develop higher education 08/28/09

KE:  Kenya says no political meddling in financial sector 08/31/09

LY: Libya Sends Swiss Jet Home, Without Detainees 08/28/09

MA: Morocco: HM the King calls for comprehensive reform of judicial system 08/26/09

NG: Nigeria's border checkpoints violate regional integration agreement 08/31/09

SO: In Somalia, troops for peace end up at war 08/28/09

ZA: Report: S. African army investigates kidnap plot 08/30/09

ZA: South Africa: ‘Unruly Soldiers a Security Threat' 08/27/09


AA: Africa's main conflicts and crises 08/28/09

AA: East Africa: Rwanda, Burundi Dismiss FDLR Recruitment Claims 08/25/09

CF: CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Trapped by the events of 6 June 08/26/09

DZ: Five killed in Algeria attacks 08/29/09

NG: Nigeria: Pipeline Vandalism – Oyo, Kwara Seek Military Assistance 08/25/09

SD: At least 43 people killed in Sudan clashes: military 08/29/09

SN: Suspected Casamance rebels kill two civilians 08/26/09

SO: Somalia: War Fears in Bakool Region 08/25/09

UG: Ugandan Rebel Group Motives Unclear as Terror Campaign Expands 08/27/09

ZW: ZIMBABWE: Military ignores threat of diamond trade suspension 08/26/09

Special Operations

AA: US intensifies its military involvement in Africa through Africa Command… 08/25/09

AO: Army, Police staff in South Africa 08/31/09

CD: Belgian instructing officers in DR Congo 08/29/09

KE: Kenya dispatches military experts to train South Sudan army 08/31/09

SD: Pentagon mulls assistance to Darfur peacekeeping force & SPLA 08/27/09

Security Forces

AA: Darfur: Senegalese police unit joins African Union-UN peacekeeping … 08/27/09

AA: Ethiopia troops chase Somali Islamists out of town 08/29/09

AA: The Elusive Militias in Central Africa 08/28/09

CD: DR Congo forces kill, capture 500 rebels: military 08/29/09

SD: Darfur peacekeepers have ended massacres: chief 08/27/09

SO: Ethiopian troops enter key Somali town, locals say 08/29/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: AU special summit to dig into regional conflicts ahead of Libya's … 08/30/09

AO: Poland wants to strengthen military ties with Angola 08/28/09

GA: Bongo son, rivals declare victory in Gabon poll 08/31/09

LR: LIBERIA: LISCR Agreement Is Counter-Productive To Liberia's … 08/25/09

LY: Italian PM Visits Libya to Mark Friendship Treaty 08/30/09

SO: Somalia President Defends US “Cooperation” 08/27/09

ZA: South Africa – President Jacob Zuma arrives in Zimbabwe on a … 08/28/09


AA: Girl Soldiers Are Neglected Casualties of War 08/26/09

CD: Congo-Kinshasa: Militia Leader Held Without Trial 08/28/09

CD: ICC prosecutor argues against release of Congo rebel leader Bemba 08/25/09

CG: Congo prosecutor wants death penalty for Norwegians 08/28/09

LR: Liberia: Suicide in Sex Ring – Top US-UNMIL Man Stabs Himself 08/26/09

NG:  Nigeria to bring charges against heads of five banks 08/31/09

SD: Gunmen kidnap two UNAMID workers in Darfur 08/29/09

ZA: ‘Rooting out crime begins within police force 08/25/09

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