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By MAXINE SHEN August 28, 2009

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The 9/11 Official Story Runs Out of Steam?

NY Post's Best
NY Post's Best

by Sander Hicks (pictured in insert by Post at right)

(NEW YORK) You know the world is really coming to an end when the New York Post lets this reporter, a leading 9/11 Truth investigator, be the lead source in their review of the new anti-Truther documentary.  The National Geographic Channel’s “9/11: Science and Conspiracy” debuts tonight, Monday, August 31. It is so pathetic, it should be scored a victory for the truth movement.

“9/11 Science and Conspiracy” is fundamentally-misconceived, half hearted, poorly planned, slapped together, badly written, mis-cas, and self-defeating. It contains four scientific “experiments” pulled off in the New Mexico desert by a bunch of pyrotechnic geeks, the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC).

Should we gloss over EMRTC’s ties to defense contractors, FEMA or
Homeland Security? EMRTC Executive Dennis Hunter is the liaison to southern California military psy-ops producer SAIC. (Yes, kids, that SAIC, the one where right-wing anthrax suspect Steven Hatfill labored away alongside Jerry Hauer, who later became Giuliani’s mysterious “bioterror expert.”)

Yet, on camera, EMRTC come off as hapless and inept. They can’t get their rocket to hit the broad side of a concrete board structure. When it does, it teaches us nothing about what hit the Pentagon anyway.  Appropriately enough, EMRTC then blow up the concrete board structure with a powerful little bomb, to show what a “missile” at the Pentagon
might have done. (If that missile was a bomb inside a concrete board box in the New Mexico desert. Get it? No?)

EMRTC then do “tests” with materials that are purported to be sort-of World Trade Center-related, but they don’t use the right stuff here either. To disprove that nano-thermite could have been used in the destruction of the World Trade Center, they choose to use the much milder material, plain thermite. They light it on fire and try to damage a steel pillar. When the pillar is still standing, the doc cuts to 9/11 truth leader Richard Gage who says something like “well that
experiment was asinine. What a waste of time.”

I love this part: the arrogant, British sounding female narrator then intones, “Instead of accepting the facts presented by experts, truthers continue their search for elusive answers.” But this documentary never presents any controlled demolition “experts.” They promised to interview Chemist Kevin Ryan, a real scientist fired for standing up against the 9/11 cover-up at Underwriters Laboratories in 2004. But the Ryan interview never happened.  And Ryan recently wrote at 911 Blogger about Brent Blanchard, the documentary’s one controlled demolition “expert”:  “As a photographer for Implosion World, Blanchard is often consulted for these tabloid programs when a ‘demolition expert’ is needed. But no evidence has ever been given that the real experts allow photographers to plan and implement their high-rise demolitions.

Hopefully, the N.G. Channel will feature interviews with experts who actually have planned and implemented such operations, like Danny Jowenko, who stated that WTC 7 was a demolition.”

Four years ago, I was attacked in the NY Post for writing “Big Wedding” and opening a fair-trade coffeehouse that dared discuss taboo topics. I was labeled THE 9/11 JAVA JACKASS in a big headline across the page. But today, I was given a generous amount of space to denounce the 9/11 cover-up. Rupert Murdoch owns BOTH the New York Post and the National Geographic Channel. Could it be that he wants to support 9/11 Truth a bit now, as an experiment in destabilizing Obama?  After all, Obama’s recent denunciations of 9/11 Truth have gone beyond Bush’s. Obama is closer to Wall Street and is such a media darling, he brazenly attended the elite Bilderberg summit during the campaign.

Do they know the truth? Let’s assume they do. The media are full of smart professionals who have made a choice not to rock the boat. They know that the truth movement has real science on our side: red nano-thermite chips found in four out of four samples tested. Those results were published in a peer-reviewed paper, by respected scientists like
Kevin Ryan, Stephen Jones, Niels Harrit, et. al. This nano-thermite study is the 500 lb. gorilla in the room. It’s suffering a total media blackout in the US. Yet you feel its presence if you read between the lines of the New York Post review. I spoke about the Harrit paper often with the reporter, but it didn’t survive the editor’s cut.  In the documentary, the producers never mention the peer-reviewed nano-thermite study. When you can’t win with science, you chose pseudo-

There’s plenty to get angry about here. But wait. Perhaps we need to not be so quick to judge the behavior of Murdoch’s media machines. Perhaps this is the closest that we can expect them to come to the truth. If they can’t look at the science dead-on, perhaps the best they can do is the gambit of sending up a weak resistance.

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Ph Beta Iota:

What we know

1.  9-11 was not investigated properly–a 25% endeavor, a best gross negligence, at worst a cover up.

2.  There is ample evidence to demand an indictment of Cheney, Silverstein, Rumsfeld, and Guliani.

3.  Both investigations in the the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were cover-ups kiding government culpability.   See our reviews of Someone Would Have Talked and Act of State.

INTEGRITY.  One word alone, the difference between national dishonor and national redemption.

What we speculate:

9/11 was created by Al Qaeda at the urging and with the financing of the Pakistani ISI (radical half). But they got frightened when it looked like it not only might work, but that Al Qaeda, which has previously promised to bring a nuclear event to the USA, had the brains to suggest putting one of the airplanes into a nuclear power plant.  Pakistan briefed Cheney…nations also got wind of this and warned the CIA. We also had two walk-ins to the FBI, one in Orlando, one in Newark, that were dismissed by the FBI because the names were all virgins and not in the FBI data base—the arrogance of stupid bureaucracy.

Cheney saw an opportunity for what Bush called his trifecta, and gave it to him by giving the go-ahead to ISI and Al Qaeda, and ordering up a terrorism exercise that allowed him to send all relevant close-in air defense strip alert craft away from the target areas, and to disable the NORTHCOM normal response to flight path diversion. We still need to investigate degree to which US may have trained some of the terrorists; the degree to which the terrorists may or may not have actually been on the airplanes, and whether or not the two NYC planes also had embedded flight controls taken over and controlled from WTC 7. The pancaking of three buildings, one of which was not hit, I put down to Larry Silverstein, not Dick Cheney, warned by Mossad and with Goldman Sachs and the rest of the NYC Jewish mafia. An opportunity to solve his asbestos problem and make 7 billion surely shared with the insurance executive who had to be in on the scam to ignore all the thermite and the evidence. Giuliani destroyed the crime scene with trucks and GPS prearranged. The Pentagon was hit by a missile and conveniently went into both a construction area while also (it is claimed) destroying all the computers containing all the evidence needed to track down the missing 2.3 trillion Rumsfeld was being grilled about on the Hill on 10 Sept.

The 9-11 families that rejected the hush-money will one day be vindicated, and God willing, they will live to see the convictions of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Larry Silverstein, Rudy Guliani, and those military officers of flag rank and field grade rank who aided and abetted this massive crime against humanity.  Controlled demolitions killed most who died on 9-11, not the airplanes.  The evidence is conclusive on this point.  WHO “let it happen” and who “made it happen” have NOT been properly investigated–for that we must await the first Independent President and the first Independent Congress of the United STATES of America.

There is nothing wrong with America that INTEGRITY cannot fix, nothing wrong with the U.S. federal government that Electoral Reform cannot fix.

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