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PKI Book Two
PKI Book Two

INTELLIGENCE for PEACE: Multinational, Multifunctional Information-Sharing and Sense-Making, edited by Col Jan-Inge Svensson, SE (Ret), the foremost authority and educator on peace intelligence and the use of unclassified decisions support, goes to the printer on or about 1 December 2009.

This is the sequel to PEACEKEEPING INTELLIGENCE: Emerging Concepts for the Future.

Anyone wishing to contribute to this book, now tentatively scheduled to go to the printer on 1 December, must contact Col Svensson at the Folke Bernadotte Academy.  Ideally, submit to him a one page overview of the proposed piece, which must address practical concepts, doctrines, tactics, tools, and produres relevant to peace intelligence.  This book is intended to be the interim handbook for the United Nations Open-Source Decision-Support Information Network (UNODIN), a global grid that incorporates the Joint Military Analysis Centers (JMAC) and Joint Operations Centers (JOC), but does all that the Brahimi Report recommended, and more.

Over 35 peices are now in hand and being weeded down, in many cases simply being shortened with an easy link to the longer online version.  As with all OSS/EIN books, the book–and in this case–additional supporting materials–will be easily available online at

Peace Academy
Peace Academy

Col Jan-Inge Svensson




Below is the first page of a two-page table of available materials (with live links to all existing items), with the exception of the two Stimson Center works where the author is to be contacted for an updated summary.

Raw Source Table
Raw Source Table

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