EUCOM Week in Review Ending 5 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Season of Travesties: Freedom & Democracy 07/31/09

AZ: Azerbaijani government permits to stop currency import/export in … 07/30/09

GE: South Ossetia one year on: Georgians wait in fear for Russians to… 08/01/09

GE: The News in Brief 08/04/09

IL: Candidly speaking: End the blood libels against Israel & the IDF 08/03/09

IL: Netanyahu Sister-in-Law Arrested at Sheikh Jarrah 08/04/09

IL: Police recommend indicting Lieberman 08/02/09

TR: Closing doors on Turkey will stir EU instability, says Swedish envoy 07/28/09

TR: Uighur Nationalism, Turkey, and the CIA 08/03/09


AA: Al-Qaedas second-in-command Al-Zawahiri threatens the United… 08/04/09

ES: Two Spain police killed by new bomb blamed on ETA 07/30/09

GR: Greece Immigrant Repression 07/31/09

GR: Greece: Prapopoulou squat attacked, one immigrant beaten 08/01/09

RU: A Russian Reign of Terror? 08/03/09

RU: News Editor Worries About Jihadist Revolt In Russia 08/02/09

TR: Turks Seen in Military Threat Over Crete 08/05/09

Special Operations

AA: Staff training of BALTBAT take place in Rukla 08/04/09

AZ: US Naval Forces specialists to train Azerbaijani Navy special task … 07/31/09

BY: Khazalbek Atabekov appointed commander of special task troops 07/31/09

FR: In French Inquiry, a Glimpse at Corporate Spying 07/31/09

IL: Israel may let Abbas field elite force 07/30/09

TR: Turkish commandos capture 7 pirates off Somalia 07/31/09

Security Forces

AA: Serbian, Croatian MUPs to cooperate 07/31/09

AA: Uzbekistan condemns Russian troops deployment 08/03/09

HR: Croatia Defence Report: Defence Spending Increased Slightly In 2008 08/03/09

IT: Italy: Citizen crime patrols to begin next week 08/04/09

KV: Small NATO force to remain in Kosovo 08/04/09

RU: ROAR: Russia increases military presence in Central Asia 08/03/09

RU: Russian Armed Forces Develop an Information Pipeline 07/30/09

TR: Military cooperation btw Turkey and Serbia on upward trend 08/05/09

UK: Cobham Awarded £18 Million UK Military Flying Training Service … 08/03/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Great power rivalries and the Nabucco pipeline project 07/31/09

AA: Russia pushes for CAsia energy projects 07/30/09

AR: Special rally possible 07/30/09

CY: Turkish Cypriot leader meets with UN envoy 08/03/09

IL: US briefs Israel on new Iran nuke sanctions 07/30/09

MD: Quo Vadis Moldova? 07/30/09

RS: Serbia: Ethnic Albanians Seek Presevo Valley Region 08/03/09

RU: Russia aims to spur Afghan region economy, win aid 07/30/09


AM: INFORMATION WARFARE: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Online) 08/01/09

IL: Holy Land Gangland 08/03/09

IL: Israel: The significance of the Bar-Noah gay shooting 08/05/09

TR: Dozens More To Stand Trial In Turkey Coup Case – Report 08/05/09

UK: British troops sell guns and drugs to crime gangs, says former soldier 08/01/09

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