CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 13 August 2009


Hot Topics

AF:  Potent Bombs Slow Marine Offensive 08/11/09

AF: As Afghan Vote Nears, Taliban Step Up Intimidation 08/12/09

IQ:  Al Qaeda blamed for Iraq violence wave 08/10/09

IR:  Iran judiciary looks to calm prison abuse outrage 08/09/09

PK: Life, death and the Taliban: Blowback 08/10/09

PK:  Pakistan denies militants attacked nuclear sites 08/12/09

PK:  Pakistan’s nuclear bases targeted by al-Qaeda 08/12/09

PS:  Hamas: Israel will soon cave in to all our conditions for Schalit 08/12/09

SA:  Saudi Arabia Must Try or Free Terrorism Suspects, Monitor Says 08/10/09

UZ: Uzbekistan: Tajik journalist Shukhrat Shodiev is arrested at the …08/11/09


AF:  Gunmen kidnap campaign workers in Afghanistan 08/12/09

AF:  Taliban kill police chief in northern Afghanistan 08/12/09

AF:  Taliban Seize Building for Attack on Afghan Government Offices 08/11/09

IQ:  41 killed in wave of Iraq bombings 08/10/09

IQ:  Iraq attacks raise fears of renewed ethnic tensions 08/11/09

IQ:  Shiites in Iraq Show Restraint as Sunnis Keep Attacking 08/12/09

PK:  Pakistan officials: Militant clashes kill about 70 08/12/09

PK:  Pakistani Taliban preys on youths to bolster forces 08/10/09

PS:  Gaza militants fire mortar rounds into Israel: army 08/09/09

PS:  Israel Bombs Gaza Tunnel in Response to Mortar Attacks 08/11/09

YE:  Yemen’s Instability Grows as One of 3 Insurgencies Flares Up 08/10/09

Special Operations

AA:  The Next Terror Target 08/10/09

AF:  Opium barons at top of kill or capture list as US targets the Taleban 08/11/09

KG: Airmen Partner With Kyrgyz State Security Service K-9 Team 08/11/09


PK:  U.S. sees signs of disarray within Pakistani Taliban 08/12/09

TJ: Tajikistan police kill suspected Islamist militant 08/10/09

Security Forces

AA: Lukashneka ready to send Belarusians to die for Putin and Medvedev 08/11/09

AF:  Afghanistan Enlists Tribal Militia Forces 08/11/09

AF:  US Marines storm Taliban-held town in Afghanistan 08/12/09

AF: New Army Handbook Teaches Afghanistan Lessons 08/12/09

IR: Iran arrests members of Sunni rebel group: agency 08/12/09

KW:  Kuwait Arrests 6 in Planned Attack on U.S. Base 08/11/09

PK:  Pakistan Plans Assault Against Taliban Burning Schools in Buner 08/12/09

PK:  Pakistan troops kill 17 militants after brazen attack 08/11/09

PK:  Security forces kill three Taliban in North Waziristan 08/11/09

QA: Boeing delivers C-17 to Qatar Emiri Air Force 08/11/09

SA: Saudis seek upgrade of E-3 AWACS, tankers 08/12/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Egypt and Iran: endless media wars 08/12/09

AA: Kuwait and UAE officials invited to Ashraf to investigate Iran … 08/12/09

AA: Syria plays mediator in Iran-France tensions 08/12/09

AA: Would Russians In Ferghana Valley Guarantee Stability Or Spell … 08/12/09

EG: Top Hamas officials head to Cairo for Shalit talks 08/13/09

IR: Iran: The worst is yet to come 08/11/09

IR: Iran-Venezuela ties worry US 08/11/09

SA: Saudi Arabia wavers on Obama’s plan 08/12/09

SY:  Damascus and the Road to Mideast Peace 08/11/09


IQ: Iraq: Military Contractor Shoots and Kills Two Fellow Contractors … 08/10/09

LB: Lebonon car bomb kills top general 08/10/09

PK:  Musharraf Faces Arrest on Return to Pakistan 08/11/09

SA: Crime in Kingdom up by 14 percent 08/13/09

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