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Sign the Petition
Sign the Petition

There are at least four movements underway to destroy the two-party tyranny and restore the integrity of the U.S. electoral process and with it the integrity of the U.S. Government.

Below is one such movement.  Others include the movement for Free and Open Elections, the movement to Unify Independents, and the movement to audit the Federal Reserve and its its role as a front for Wall Street and particularly Goldman Sachs whose looting the U.S. Treasury of future funds has taken bank robbery to new heights.  Phi Beta Iota appeals to all those who visit this site and who care about the public interest to support with their signature.  One signature, one vote, one Nation under God.  We gave it up, let’s get it back.  Please click to read and repsond to a simple request for your signature.

Dear Robert,

Since 2008, when independents had the experience of directly influencing the outcome of both the Democratic and Republican Presidential primaries, the issue of opening the primaries in the 17 “closed” states has generated controversy:

  • In California, John Burton came out of retirement and ran (successfully) for Chairman of the Democratic Party on a platform of defeating the open primaries ballot initiative in 2010.
  • The Republican Party of Idaho sued the Secretary of State in an effort to institute partisan registration and closed primaries. successfully petitioned the court to intervene in the case, which is still pending.
  • Bucking his own party, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told CNN that California government needs reform, including open primaries.
  • In June, Rep. Eugene DePasquale, a Pennsylvania state legislator, introduced an open primary bill that would give the Keystone State’s million-plus independent voters the right to participate in the crucial first round of voting (read the full article at

By signing the petition to President Obama in support of open primaries in all 50 states, you’ve already made an important commitment to non-partisanship and democracy.

Now we need you to take one more small step.

Last week, we crossed the 3,000 signature mark.  A great start. Independent minded Americans from 48 states have joined the campaign and spoken up in support of open primaries.

Our next goal is to get to 5,000 signatures – and we’d like to do it by labor day.

To do that, we need your help.

Open Primaries is not health care.  It’s not a “hot button” issue that gets people marching in the streets.  Typically, issues of political reform and political process get related to (by politicians and voters alike) as “inside baseball.”  But it is crucial that we develop our democracy!  Look at the political dysfunction from New Jersey (sorry Garden Staters) to California that has become not just typical but expected.

Open primaries is not a cure all.  It’s not a magic wand that will clean up politics.  It’s a gate opener to allow independents to get involved and help shape a new direction for our country, as we did in the millions in 2008.

So here’s what we ask of you:  talk to one person in the next week about our campaign.  Educate them about the way in which tens of millions of independent voters (who are the fastest growing segment of voters in the country) are excluded from participating in crucial first-round voting.  Ask them to sign the petition to President Obama and join our crusade.  Help us cross the 5,000 signature mark this summer and position ourselves for the upcoming fights in California and Pennsylvania.

What we do now, in these dog days of August, makes a real differnce.  Thank you for your support and involvement.

Most Sincerely,

John Opdycke and Naomi Azulay
Campaign Coordinators

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