CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 20 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Antonov Design Bureau to present new stages of An-70, An-124, An … 08/18/09

AA: Edge of Terrorism 08/17/09

AA: Egyptian Crews Overpower Somali Pirates, Kill 2 08/14/09

AA: No State Sponsors, No Terror 08/18/09

AF: A different take on the “safe haven” myth 08/20/09

PK:  Body of al-Qaida suspect found 08/20/09

PK:  Pakistani Taliban’s deputy head takes over group 08/19/09

PS:  Hamas releasing 55 Fatah prisoners in gesture 08/19/09


IQ:  Baghdad bombings kill 75 as US prepares to release all members of an Iranian terror group 08/19/09

YE:  Shiite rebel leader among dozens killed in renewed Yemen clashes 08/17/09

PS:  Radical imam’s death ends bloody clash in Gaza Strip 08/17/09

AF:  Despite US troops, Taliban roam freely in south 08/19/09

PS:  Radical Gaza Islamists vow to defy Hamas 08/19/09

AF:  Small rockets hit Afghanistan’s Kandahar 08/20/09

AF:  Afghans vote for president under violence threat 08/20/09

IQ:  Bicycle bomb kills 2 near restaurant in Baghdad 08/20/09

KW: Terror alert won’t include Bahrain 08/20/09

Special Operations

AA: British Paper Says Kazakh Ambassador ‘KGB Spy’ 08/18/09

SA: Internal Saudi counter-terrorism measures remain shrouded in mystery 08/14/09

Security Forces

AF:  Gunmen Raid Bank in Afghan Capital Kabul; Police Surround Area 08/19/09

EG:  Egypt police arrest 38 Islamists 08/18/09

IQ:  Iranian Arms Seized in Iraq, Officials Say 08/19/09

JO: Jordan’s king purges senior military officers: ‘Paranoid but not … 08/17/09

KG: Central Asia Sounds Alarm on Islamic Radicalism 08/17/09

KG: US Central Command Commander Visits Troops at Manas 08/17/09

LB: Lebanese army recaptures prison fugitive 08/19/09

PK:  Pakistan army death squad hangs Taliban body from lamp post 08/19/09

PK:  Pakistan Captures Aide of Taliban Commander 08/18/09

PK: Troops arrest 44 Taliban in Swat, Dir 08/19/09

SA:  Saudi Arabia arrests 44 suspected militants 08/19/09

SY:  Damascus Agrees to Help Monitor Iraqi Border 08/19/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: IAEA works in a hard position between Israel, Iran 08/20/09

AE: Abu Dhabi and China Lead International Economic Recovery 08/18/09

AE: UAE’s Bilateral Relations With India on the Upswing 08/14/09

AF:  Key Candidates in Afghanistan’s Presidential Election 08/19/09

EG: Misery of Egypt’s economic miracle 08/17/09

IQ: Mistrust over Sunni militias threatens Iraq stability 08/19/09

KZ: Changing geopolitical dynamics of Kazakhstan: what it means for … 08/19/09

UZ: Top US general visits Uzbekistan for security talks 08/18/09


AE: Pair ‘hired teenager for sex’ 08/17/09

JO: Jordan convicts two of plotting to kill Israeli businessman 08/19/09

KW: Arifjan bomb-plot suspect denies all charges, ‘all forced to confess’ 08/19/09

LB:  Islamist Militant Escapes From Prison In Lebanon 08/18/09

YE: Yemen child trafficking to increase in Ramadan 08/19/09

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