Journal: Gartner Gets Stupid, Tries to Censor Any Mention of Its Name

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Idiocy Incarnate
Idiocy Incarnate

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by Larry Chaffin

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When censorship goes too far, we cannot say Gar-ner anymore

Gar-ner gets what it deserves, all blogs deleted with company name in it as an act of protest

Click on the logo to visit the idiots being written about.  Click on the title to read the rest of the story.  This is right up there with Google claiming it owns “dead souls” books and Western water companies claiming they own the rainfall in Latin America.

Idiocy is what happens when leadership is subordinated to lawyers. They subsequently backed off but the damage is done, Gartner has officially entered the twilight zone of idiocy incarnate.  This comprises their epitaph.

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