CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 27 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: 2 officers on UN mission held in Jordan, freed UNDP, NA shun … 08/27/09

AA: Russia admits mystery ship may have had suspect cargo 08/26/09

AE:  UAE prosecutor claims American man on trial had ties to Al-Qaeda 08/24/09

AF:  Group: US is monitoring journalists in Afghanistan 08/26/09

IQ:  Intelligence Report: Iran Financing Al-Qaeda in Iraq 08/25/09

IQ:  Iraq halts removal of Baghdad security barriers 08/23/09

IQ:  Powerful Iraqi Shiite leader dies in Iran 08/26/09

IQ:  Radioactive wreckage, landmines blight Iraq 08/23/09

IR: Iran military wants ‘swift retribution' 08/24/09

IR: Iran urges Muslims to mobilize against US and Israel 08/26/09

PK:  Pakistan: New structure flagged for Taliban 08/25/09

PS:  Hamas men killing Al-Qaida rebels caught on tape 08/25/09

PS:  Schoolgirls in Hamas-run Gaza told to wear Islamic dress 08/25/09


AF:  30 killed in Afghan blast caused by 5 car bombs 08/25/09

AF:  Blast kills at least 41 civilians in Afghanistan's Kandahar 08/26/09

IQ:  Al-Qaida Claims Iraq Bombings 08/25/09

IQ:  Baghdad bombing leaves hole in diplomatic corps 08/24/09

IQ: Car bombs hit Iraqi troops ahead of Shiite funeral 08/27/09

LB:  Fears of Shiite-Sunni violence breakout in Lebanon 08/26/09

PK:  Iranian guards kill 2 Pakistanis 08/23/09

PK:  Pakistan Taliban commander vows Afghan fight 08/24/09

PK:  Pakistan Taliban threatens to avenge leader's death 08/26/09

YE: ANALYSIS-Yemen war on northern rebels compounds instability 08/24/09

YE: Yemen's instability could draw regional players into fray 08/27/09

Special Operations

AA: 3rd Special Forces Group to focus on Afghanistan, Pakistan 08/27/09

AA: CSTO kicks off joint military exercise in Moscow 08/26/09

AF:  Diggers assassinate Taliban leader Mullah Karim 08/25/09

IR: Quds Force: Iran's Islamic Pit Bulls 08/258/09

Security Forces

AA: UAE, Oman thwart major drug gang 08/25/09

AF:  The High-Reaching Goal of Rebuilding Afghanistan's Air Corps 08/25/09

PK:  38 Taliban held, six surrender 08/25/09

PK:  Over 600 criminal gangs busted in Punjab 08/23/09

PK:  Pakistani forces launch air attack on Taliban 08/26/09

SA:  Saudi Arabia Disrupts Al-Qaeda Finance, Recruitment Network 08/26/09

UZ: Witnesses Say Uzbekistan Building Military Base Near Kyrgyz Border 08/26/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Iraqi Columnist Wonders About Qatar–Iran Military Cooperation 08/26/09

AA:  Iraqis Demand Syria Turn Over Suspects 08/26/09

AF: Afghanistan: Tensions Rise in Post-Election Standoff 08/25/09

IR: Iran gets support for ban on nuke plant attacks 08/26/09

IR:  Terrorism suspect nominated for Iran cabinet 08/23/09

QA: Qatar to provide financial aid to Gaza through Hamas 08/22/09

UZ: Uzbekistan, USA signed military-technical cooperation agreement 08/24/09


EG:  EGYPT: How guilty are those in the ‘Hezbollah cell'? 08/24/09

PK:  Journalist shot dead in Pakistan 08/24/09

PK: 3 killed in shooting in Pakistan 08/26/09

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