Journal: Chicago-Style Partisan Corruption & Industrial-Era Organization Killing the USA

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The Future of Tech

August 27, 2009, 5:00PM EST

By Adrian Slywotzky

Where Have You Gone, Bell Labs?: How basic research can repair the broken U.S. business model

Name an industry that can produce 1 million new, high-paying jobs over the next three years. You can't, because there isn't one. And that's the problem.

Decline in Lab Funding; Job Creation a Huge Challenge; Rebuild Research Labs; Basic Science Gives Way to Fast Payoffs; How to Reignite Innovation; Strong Leadership is Key; Presidential Support Crucial; Critical Mass of Labs Needed; Tax Incentives Could Help; How to Get Back on Track; A Lesson from RCA Labs

Phi Beta Iota: Business Week not only called the recession in its cover story of October 2007, they also understand The Power of Us.   What Business Week is not factoring into its story is the underlying collapse of the U.S. Government–the loss of integrity in all its forms across the political leadership in both the Legislative and Executive Branches.  The two-party tyranny must be brought down; the integrity of Congress in meeting its Article 1 responsibilities must be restored; and we must demand of those who would be President non-partisan integrity in administration, including strategic holistic open analysis and a diversity in the Cabinet.  There is nothing wrong with America that the restoration of We the People as sovereign, and of integrity in government, cannot fix.

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