Journal: MomsRising & Kraft Dumping of Toxic Chemicals in USA Foods

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Child Friendly Public Intelligence
Child Friendly Public Intelligence

Click on the logo for the index of campaigns, the latest of which is against Kraft Foods for dumping toxic ingredients into food sold in the USA, ingredients not allowed in Europe and not included in Kraft products sold in Europe.

Most Americans do not realize that the USA is now a dumping ground for both toxic chemicals in food and other products, and unsafe products, because the Congress and Executive of the USA have been bribed to look the other way.  The Federal Government, for example, now sets CEILINGS on environmental controls rather than floors, and this is one reason so may states are beginning to exercise their rights of nullification (one step down from secession from the United STATES of America.

Europe is more responsible, and hence a safer environment, for humanity.  For the USA to become a dumping ground for toxins and products not allowed in Europe is an indictment of Congress  and secessive Executives, and the two-party tyranny that has consistently betrayed the public trust and helped transfer the public dollar from the payer to the special interests looting the public treasury with Democratic and Republican party line voting that has been bought, not won on the merits of public intelligence.  ENOUGH!

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