SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 25 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Brazil reaffirms influence in Bolivia and support for Evo Morales 08/23/09

AA: Latin America: Social Movements in Times of Economic Crises 08/25/09

AR: Argentinians have a more favorable view of the US 08/20/09

BR: Lobbying steps up ahead of Brazil jet fighter decision 08/20/09

CO:  FARC website taken offline 08/21/09

HN: OAS team in Honduras to push for ousted leader’s return 08/24/09


AA: Drug War Pact Raises Tension Between Uribe, Chavez: Week Ahead 08/23/09

CL: Mapuche: Murder of Young Land Rights Defender 08/20/09

CO: 24000 adolescents involved in urban gangs: Caracol Radio 08/21/09

CO: FARC, ELN: Colombia’s Left-Wing Guerrillas 08/20/09

EC: Colombian Refugees in Ecuador: The collateral damage of a drug war …08/24/09

Special Operations

AA: SPECIAL OPERATIONS: SOCOM Grows And Shifts Its Weight 08/20/09

SV: Salvadoran military contingent that served in Lebanon returns home 08/23/09

Security Forces

AR: Argentine military renewal plans hit by economic woes 08/19/09

AR:  Argentine police discover another 4 tons of ephedrine bound for Mexico, US 08/25/09

BR: Brazil Picks Vector for Bell H-1H MRO 08/24/09

CO: 11 suspected FARC guerrillas arrested 08/24/09

CO: Colombia nabs guerrilla tied to American’s killing 08/22/09

HT: United Nations hails security gains in Haiti 08/21/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Calderón showing steady courage 08/20/09

AA: Honduras sets deadline for Argentine diplomats 08/19/09

AA: South America to slam US-Colombia base deal 08/24/09

BR: Brazilian President Calls Obama Over US-Colombia Military Base Deal 08/22/09

CU: Cuba Urges to Counter US Maneuvers 08/24/09

VE: Not all that formidable 08/22/09


AA: This Is For The Mara Salvatrucha: Inside the MS-13, America’s Most … 08/21/09

BR: Brazilian cabinet divided over taking military torturers to trial 08/24/09

CO: Illegal armed groups must free recruited children or face trial 08/24/09

CR: Costa Rica resident has ties to FARC, US Treasury says 08/23/09

GT: GUATEMALA: Impunity, Corruption Drive Wave of Kidnappings 08/20/09

HN: Coup Protestor Gang-Raped by Honduran Police 08/24/09

PE: Cocaine found surgically implanted inside chest cavities of 2 live … 08/25/09

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