PACOM Week in Review Ending 23 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Seven Steps to Take in Dealing with North Korea 08/21/09

AU: Australia Lists Somali Militia Al-Shabaab as Terrorist Group 08/21/09

CN: Out of Africa and into China, emigres struggle 08/20/09

ID: Downer praises Indonesia's anti-terrorism drive 08/20/09

ID: Indonesia: Terrorism feared, Jama'ah Tabligh members expelled 08/22/09

ID: Indonesia's Ex-Terrorists Should Be Closely Watched, Say Analysts 08/21/09

IN: India seeks ULFA leaders deportation from Bangladesh 08/23/09

MM: Inside Intel / Myanmar learns to love the bomb? 08/19/09


IN: HuJI ‘sleeper cells' in Nagaland 08/17/09

IN: India PM warns of fresh attacks 08/17/09

KP: North Korea threatens nuclear strike over joint military exercises 08/17/09

KS: People to not let rulers to take U-turn on Kashmir: Munawar 08/18/09

LK: Uncertainty Rather than Stability Follows Defeat of Sri Lanka's … 08/20/09

MM: Myanmar Troops Gain on Rebels as Villagers Flee 08/20/09

PH: 7 dead as AFP ends MNLF siege of Palawan island 08/19/09

PH: Philippines: Are two militant groups joining forces? 08/17/09

TH: 2 soldiers killed in S Thailand suspected insurgents' attack 08/21/09

TH: Thailand's King Calls for Unity 08/22/09

Special Operations

AA: Indo-US military tango continues, two major wargames in Oct 08/20/09

CN: China Sends 4 Divisions on Long-Range Exercise 08/21/09

ID: SBY asserts TNI role in terror fight 08/20/09

KH: Cambodian soldiers head to Mongolia 08/17/09

KS: Kashmir Govt. Rules Out Immediate Troops Cut 08/18/09

LK: LTTE military hardware unearthed in Kilinochchi 08/21/09

MY: Sabah battens down coast with Kelawar military exercise 08/23/09

PH:  US Military to Stay in Philippines 08/20/09

PH: US Pacific Command chief: “we're not entirely sure that there are … 08/19/09

Security Forces

AA: Colombo offers military training to India 08/23/09

AA: Japanese drug traffickers arrested in Istanbul 08/22/09

AU: Australia rights group criticizes proposed terrorism law changes 08/19/09

CN: Chinas Secretive Military Opens Up in Cyberspace 08/20/09

ID: Jakarta Probes Money Ties to Militants 08/19/09

IN: India Begins Trials to Select Air Force Combat Jets 08/21/09

IN: India to help defend Maldives 08/21/09

IN: Indian military assistance is “selfless” 08/20/09

IN: RAFAEL strikes $1B deal with India 08/21/09

KR: S. Korea to deploy fighter jets, warship for historic rocket launch 08/17/09

LK: Sri Lanka PM assures maximum measures against unruly policemen 08/18/09

NP: Govt can buy Indian weapons for police: PM 08/22/09

PH: Philippines moves to recover million illegal guns 08/18/09

TH: Thai Military Says It Makes Progress in Ending Insurgent Violence … 08/19/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Australia, nzealand vow closer climate, military ties 08/21/09

FJ: Govt announces new initiatives 08/22/09

FJ: Military man takes over as PS Agriculture 08/23/09

JP: Japan's long-ruling party faces voter revolt 08/22/09

KH: Thailand apologizes for repeated incursions into Cambodian airspace 08/18/09

KP: N. Korea lifts cross-border traffic ban on S. Korea 08/20/09

PH: Philippine peace official calls for “self restraint” during Ramadan 08/23/09

TW: Taiwan needs US weapons: Yuan 08/23/09


AA: Human Trafficking: Marking the backward 08/22/09

AU: Australian Hacking Sting Backfires 08/19/09

CN: Police investigated in China gang bust 08/20/09

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