SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 18 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Iran Is Not a Good Partner for Latin America 08/13/09

AA: Seven daggers at the heart of the Americas 08/15/09

BO: Bolivia Plants Coca, and Cocaine Follows 08/18/09

BR: Brazil Seeks More Control of Oil Beneath Its Seas 08/17/09

BR: TV crime host denies ‘death setups’ 08/13/09

CO: US-Colombia Military Agreement Stirs Tension 08/17/09

EC: Ecuador wants citizen committees to defend gov’t 08/13/09

EC: Ecuador’s Correa launches new term, promises change 08/16/09

HN: Honduras’s Micheletti Says Zelaya Exile Was ‘Error’ 08/17/09

HN: Interim Honduran officials to visit to Washington 08/15/09

HT: Clinton lays out plans for Haiti 08/14/09‎

UY: Uruguay Senate OKs millions for dirty war victims 08/13/09

VE: Chavez says Obama “lost in space” on Latin America 08/16/09

VE: Internet and e-commerce industry in Venezuela 08/17/09

VE: Venezuela To Restore Balance To Parallel Exchange Rate -Chavez 08/17/09


AA: Hezbollah operating in S. America 08/13/09

BO: Morales Ally’s Wife Wounded in Bolivia Bombing 08/13/09

CL: Chilean police charged with shooting and killing Mapuche activist 08/18/09

CO: Colombian Rebels Accelerate Oil Attacks, Agency Says 08/13/09

HN:  Honduras: Violence in the Streets; Coup Govt Delegates in Washington 08/13/09

VE: US: Chavez warning ‘anti-Yankee rhetoric’ 08/13/09

Special Operations

CO: Colombia highlights success in fighting domestic terrorism 08/16/09

DO: Military chiefs deploy a 5th Task Force along Dominican coasts 08/13/09

HN:  Israeli commandos in Honduras 08/14/09

Security Forces

AA: Mexico’s Calderon Voices Concern Over Russia, Iran in Region 08/14/09

AR: Argentina worries over US military bases in Colombia 08/18/09

BO: Bolivia Announces Weapon Buys 08/13/09

BR: China, Brazil Agree to Further Cooperation between Land Forces 08/17/09

CO: Colombia hands over captured Ecuador troops 08/14/09

CO: Colombia wants military pacts with Brazil, others 08/14/09

JM: Cyber-crime unit gets MoBay home 08/14/09

VE: Colombians nabbed in Caracas, consul says 08/17/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Peru, Brazil foreign ministers talk on regional issues 08/14/09

AA: Russia, Venezuela Edge Closer to Oil Deal, Talk Arms 08/15/09

AA: Mexico ready to mediate in Colombia crisis over US troops 08/17/09

CO: Uribe to attend UNASUR meeting on US military pact 08/13/09

HN:  OAS president “not welcome” in Honduras: Micheletti 08/13/09

UY: Joint Declaration by Presidents of Uruguay and Mexico 08/17/09


AR: General during Argentina’s military dictatorship sentenced to life … 08/14/09

BR: Alleged FARC pilot tries to avoid extradition 08/17/09

BR: Fighting fire with fire burns us all 08/18/09‎

BR: Girl aged 17 knifes 30 men to death 08/18/09

CO: Rape of Colombian child by US soldier sparks more debate over … 08/17/09

GT: Is anyone safe in Guatemala? 08/13/09

GY: Guyana Govt. Slams Back As Opposition Parties Claim Drug Lord Links 08/13/09

JM: Young killers – The face behind the illegal gun could be 12 years … 08/15/09

SR: Witness implicates Surinamese ex-dictator in 1982 killings 08/18/09

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