SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 4 August 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Chile, Panama with the highest rate of imprisoned population 07/30/09

BR: Growth With Equity: Brazils Path to Economic Recovery 08/03/09

CL: Chile requests additional time to clear mines along Bolivian border 07/29/09

CO: Chiquita CEOs sponsored terrorism in Colombia, now identified 08/01/09

CR: Michael O McCarthy interviews Costa Rican Presidential Candidate … 07/30/09

CU: Cuba Strengthens its Institutionalism 08/03/09

CU: Raul Castro: Cuba wont undo communist system 08/01/09

DO: Senior official: Corruption is in Dominican Governments 3 branches 07/31/09

HN: Honduran deadlock needs to reopen soon 08/02/09

HN: Repression Escalates in Honduras As Coup Leaders Attempt to … 08/03/09

HN: Solving the Honduran crisis 08/04/09

VE: Venezuela Can Replace Colombian Food Imports, Osorio Says 07/30/09

VE: President Hugo Chavez opens debate on militias and internal defense 08/03/09


CL: RIGHTS-CHILE: New Wave of Mapuche Land Conflicts 07/31/09

CO: Colombian Trade Unions: A Target for Intimidation and Assassination 08/03/09

CO: Colombias Deteriorating Displacement Crisis 08/03/09

PE: Five die in raid on special forces base in Peru 08/02/09

VE: Pro-government militants attack Venezuelas Globovision 08/03/09

Special Operations

BZ: Belize – Regional Human Rights Initiative Conference 07/30/09

HN: A Coup is a Coup is a Coup: March on SouthCom in Solidarity with … 07/30/09

PE: Peru gives official explanations to Chile on alleged spionage case 08/03/09

Security Forces

BR: Brazil purchases 250 German Leopard tanks to guard its borders 08/04/09

BR: Brazil weighs French, US, Swedish fighter jet contract bids 08/02/09

BR: Israeli UAV undergoes trials in Brazil 08/03/09

CO: Criticism grows over Colombias US military plan

CO: Military opens offensive against FARCs 49th front 08/03/09

GT: Two Drug Planes Found in Guatemala 07/31/09

HN: Canada upholds military aid program with Honduras despite coup 07/30/09

PY: Southern Exchange 2009 Helps Paraguay Make History 07/29/09

TT: Trinidad awards TT$2b helicopter contract 08/03/09

VE: Venezuela: Colombia trying to justify intervention 07/30/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Commentary: Chinas Policy Paper on Latin America and the Caribbean 08/04/09

AA: The Crisis in Honduras and the Bolivarian Dynamic 08/03/09

AR: The Fall of the House of Kirchner? Return of the Right in Argentina 07/31/09

CO: FARC Seeks National Accord Against US Bases in Colombia 07/29/09

CR: Mexico – State Visit to Costa Rica by Mexican President Felipe … 07/30/09

CU: Castro Wants Guantanamo on Agenda 08/03/09

EC: Ecuador sees ties between Correas ex-aides and FARC 07/30/09

EC: Ecuador to Assume South American Council Presidency 08/01/09

VE: Israeli FM accuses Chavez of ties to radical Islamists: report 07/30/09


AR:  ARGENTINA: Kidnappings, Threats Target Child Rights Campaign 07/30/09

BR: Brazil Cannibalism: Man Gets 16 Years for Killing and Eating Foe … 07/31/09

BZ: Caye Caulker resident claims police brutality 08/03/09

CL: Chile indicts 2 generals in 1990s arms deal 08/04/09


CO: 15 Colombian military officials convicted of brothers slaying … 08/02/09

JM: Ganja-plane crash – Two dead, four men in police custody 08/04/09

TT: Cops: Beware East beaches 08/02/09

TT: Tobago politicians outraged 08/04/09

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