AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 14 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Al-Qaida: Tales from Bin Laden's volunteers 09/10/09

AA: Lessons of Failed States: Rebuilding Sierra Leone and Liberia 09/12/09

CD: UN mission in DR Congo denies Ntanganda's role in military operation 09/10/09

DZ: Algeria destroys 6000 French landmines 09/14/09

GH: Ghana protests bashing by Nigerian officials 09/09/09

GN: Tens of thousands rally to support Guinea opposition leader 09/13/09

KE: Al-Qeada plot to kill Secretary Clinton in Kenya almost worked 09/12/09

KE: KENYA: Shifting the focus to the urban poor 09/11/09

RW: Rwanda: A New Model for Africa's Development 09/11/09

UG: Capture of Uganda Rebel a Blessing, Says Cabinet Minister 09/10/09

ZW: Zimbabwe's Diamond Production Draws Scrutiny 09/14/09

ZW: Zimbabwe Releases 1500 Inmates to Relieve Prison System Overcrowding 09/11/09


BI: BURUNDI: Congolese refugees too scared to move camp 09/10/09

ET: Media groups react to Ethiopia's efforts to stop NTV Report on OLF 09/13/09

GA: Gabon forces harass citizens in riot city: report 09/12/09

MG: Madagascar security forces tear gas protesters 09/11/09

NG: FACTBOX-Three key militant leaders in Nigeria's oil delta 09/11/09

NG: Nigeria braces for push against oil rebels 09/11/09

NG: Nigeria: Anti-Democratic Forces Hold Yar'Adua Hostage, Says Mayaishi 09/11/09

SO: 9 killed in mortar attack by Somali insurgents 09/12/09

SO: Ramadan fighting in Mogadishu is “worst in 20 years” 09/10/09

SO: Somalia: Hizbul Islam vows to continue attacks against AU Peacekeepers 09/11/09

UG: Rare Uganda Unrest Centers on Local King 09/11/09

Special Operations

AO: Angolan forces start joining “Dolphin” exercises 09/10/09

LY: Report: British special forces train Libyan troops 09/12/09

SO: Somalia asks Djibouti for peace forces 09/09/09

Security Forces

AA: East Africa: East Africa Starts Joint Military Training 09/11/09

AO: Angola to help restructure Guinea army – deputy speaker 09/09/09

CF: Central Africa: Police Examine Better Strategies to Fight Crime 09/11/09

NG: Nigeria: Govt-Israel in US$25 Million Arms Deal 09/10/09

SD: Sudan forces search homes for guns 09/09/09

SO: Somalia: Puntland police seize control of human trafficking hotspots 09/13/09

UG: Ugandan army rescues 100 kidnapped children 09/09/09

UG: Ugandan security forces clash with rioters, 3 dead-media 09/10/09

ZA: South African police adopt shoot to kill policy ahead of World Cup 09/11/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: African leaders embrace Mugabe at SADC summit 09/11/09

AA: E.Guinea denies trying to destablise Gabon 09/13/09

AA: Gaddafi's single State quest doomed to fail 09/11/09

DZ: Algeria – Large scale oil exploration and drilling to increase … 09/12/09

LR: Vietnam calls for reconciliation, dialogue in Liberia 09/10/09

SD: AL endorses Sudan's peace efforts in Darfur 09/10/09

ZW: Zimbabwe shows few signs of improving its human rights record 09/12/09


AA: Cocaine turns West Africa's Gold Coast into ‘coke coast' – Feature 09/14/09

CD: Norway has some explaining to do, in Kisangani! 09/10/09

CD: UN Accuses Congo of Possible War Crimes 09/12/09

LR: LIBERIA: 2 Chinese under probe for brutal murder of South African 09/09/09

NG: Nigeria: Police Officers, Five Others Arrested Over Kidnap of … 09/12/09

NG: Nigeria: Uno – Bad Governance Increases Crime 09/10/09

UG: Uganda: Soldier Arrested Over Robbery 09/10/09

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