PACOM Week In Review Ending 13 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: [Viewpoint] Policy of neglect has already failed 09/10/09

AA: 32 Filipinas in UAE jail pardoned by sheik 09/10/09

AU: Cyber security Tsar needed to lift Australia's defences? 09/09/09

AU: Australia Says Probe of Timor Deaths Won't Hurt Indonesia Ties 09/13/09

BD: Dhaka refuses to hand over top ULFA leader to India 09/12/09

CN: China leads the way to a global recovery 09/11/09

CN: Watch Groups: China Failing in Commitments to Press Freedom 09/10/09

KP: The Challenge of Preparing for Instability in North Korea 9/10/09

LK: Rescued terrorist revealed top 09/10/09

MM: Myanmar official media stress working towards 2010 general election 09/13/09

PH: 2 sea marshals cited for SuperFerry rescue 09/10/09

PH: Corruption pulls down RP in global competitiveness 09/08/09

PH: UN official meets with MILF brass on child soldiers 09/11/09

TH: 4 Reasons to Watch Thailand's ETF 09/08/09

TH: Thai ‘Yellow Shirt' founder wins jail appeal: statement 09/11/09


BD: Bangladeshi minorities in volatile situation 09/12/09

IN:  India, Pakistan investigate border rocket blasts 09/12/09

IN: Indian Kashmir offers reward for car bomb leads 09/13/09

IN: Rebels Kill Four Soldiers in Manipur 09/12/09

MM: China tip-off ‘sparked' fighting 09/10/09

PH:  Philippine Rebel Predicts Wider Insurgency 09/10/09

TH: Concern grows over role of civil defence units in southern Thailand 09/10/09

TH: Firm on sending Hmong home 09/11/09

Special Operations

CN: China weaves security network for National Day celebrations 09/08/09

PH: Court asked: Inspect US camps in Philippines 09/08/09

PH: NPA ordered to wage all-out war vs US forces in Mindanao 09/12/09

SG: More allowance for nsmen 09/11/09

Security Forces

AA: Maoists-NE rebels nexus: India, Bhutan for joint fight 09/13/09

AA: Raytheon to make Mavericks for Korea, Taiwan 09/10/09

AU: ARAF to use Israeli UAVs along Pak-Afghan border 09/13/09

AU: Australia considers sending women into combat 09/08/09

AU: Did Somalia's al-Shabaab Plan to Attack the Australian Military? 09/10/09


PH: Philippine forces fight on shoestring 09/08/09

SG: Singapore Armed Forces acquire Terrex infantry carrier vehicle 09/10/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: India, Bangla agree on crucial issues 09/10/09

AA:  US, China To Hold Counter-Terrorism Talks – Clinton 09/11/09

LK: Sri Lankan government evicted UN diplomat during Tamil Tiger endgame 09/11/09

NP: China, Nepal vow to enhance co-op on border security 09/10/09

NP: Nepal Army plays a good role model for democratic inclusiveness 09/10/09

PH: Philippine Candidates May Dispute US Presence, Official Says 09/10/09

PH:  Philippines sees peace talks with leftists delayed 09/10/09


AA: Combined Maritime Forces Urge Mariners to Be Vigilant, Use … 09/10/09

AA: Russians behind cyber crime, says AFP 09/08/09

AU: Security shambles at ports revealed 09/08/09

CN: 3 Uighurs Convicted of Syringe Attacks, Heightening Tensions in … 09/12/09

CN: Chinese police official ‘probed for criminal links' 09/11/09

CN: Urumqi syringe attacks are “violent terrorist crime”: police official 09/08/09

HK: HK woman cuts baby from pregnant mother's womb 09/11/09

PH: Davao Oriental official shot dead 09/12/09

TW: Taiwan's Ex-President Chen, Wife Get Life for Graft 09/11/09

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