AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 7 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: African countries take up laws to fight spread of small arms 09/07/09

AA: CIA freeze intel over Libya Saturday, September 5 09/05/09

AA: The Union of Arab Maghreb is Dead 09/04/09

BW: BDP heavyweights toppled by bulela ditswe in Francistown 09/07/09

CI: Côte d’Ivoire: It’s a Tricky Affair As Poll Looms 09/05/09

CM: Cameroon: Communication Minister Condemns – Misinformation Against … 09/02/09

LR: Liberia: Tribalism undermines National Development and threatens peace 09/03/09

NE: Niger’s main Tuareg rebel group deposes leader: website 09/02/09

NG: Nigeria militant describes training in Afghanistan 09/02/09

SO: Analysis: Who is fighting whom in Somalia 09/02/09

SO: Hizbul Islam rebel chief denies talks with Somalia govt 09/06/09

ZW: Calls grow for Zimbabwean blood diamond ban 09/03/09


CD: Big oil strike fuels Congo conflict 09/03/09

CD: CONGO: No Pay, No Slay 09/03/09

CD: Instability prompts updated travel warning for Congo 09/04/09

GA: New clashes rock Gabon city 09/05/09

KE: FEATURE-Somali militants seek fighters in northeast Kenya 09/02/09

SD: Sudanese Archbishop Says Anti-Peace Forces Behind Killings in South 09/02/09

SO: Islamist rebels gear up for possible “major Somali gov’t offensive” 09/06/09

SO: Somali rebels ‘reclaim town near Mogadishu’ 09/06/09

SO: Somali refugees still flow to Yemen 09/04/09

SO: Back Into Somalia 09/07/09

ZA: S. Africa army chief: Protest bordered on mutiny 09/04/09

Special Operations

AA: East Africa forces hold 1st ever joint field training exercise 09/02/09

AA: Kenya, Uganda operation nets 26 at border town 09/03/09

ZA: Military vehicles depart to Northern Cape for exercise 09/03/09

Security Forces

AA: African police chiefs to strengthen collaboration with INTERPOL 09/03/09

AA: Four African countries draw up anti-terror plan: sources 09/06/09

CF: UPDF pursues Kony in central Africa 09/07/09

DJ: Djibouti to send 500 soldiers to Somalia: report 09/02/09

NE: Police detains 30 former lawmakers in Niger 09/05/09

NG: Police Smash Gang Of Robbers 09/06/09

SO: Somalia: Puntland ‘seizes Kenya-bound planes that transported … 09/06/09

Foreign Affairs

AO: Angolan ambassador considers cooperation with China steady 09/04/09

EH: W Sahara: Geopolitical Tug-of-War 09/02/09

GN: Guinea bans political debates on radio, TV 09/02/09

MA: Libya celebrations expose Moroccan land dispute 09/02/09

MG: Madagascan armed forces reject proposal to take over power 09/04/09

SN: Calls to reopen talks between Senegal, Casamance ex-rebels 09/05/09

ZW: SADC heads of state summit kicks off 09/07/09

ZW: Zimbabwe, EU sign interim EPA treaty 09/04/09


AO: Border crime increases 9/02/09

CD: Gunmen attack residences of DR Congo ministers 09/02/09

CD: Tribunal Threatens DRC Over Delayed Transfer of Key Rwandan Suspect 09/04/09

LR: Criminals Leaving From Guinea To Liberia…Lafa Superintendent … 09/03/09

NG: Nigeria: Crime, Safety Survey Begins in Lagos 09/03/09

RW: Rwanda genocide court battle begins 09/02/09

UG: Child sacrifice and ritual murders rise in Uganda as famine looms 09/05/09

ZA: Rape and murder stalk South Africa’s playgrounds and classrooms 09/05/09

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