PACOM Week in Review Ending 6 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Australia, US to Invite China to War Games 09/03/09

BD: Unity of Islamic forces urged 09/01/09

CN: Chinese website reveals plan to balkanise India 09/05/09

ID: Indonesia Takes Beggars Off Jakarta Streets 09/05/09

IN: YSR is dead, says Chidambaram 09/03/09

JP: Japan Democrats ‘Vow To Oust' US Forces From Okinawa 09/04/09

KP: FACTBOX: North Korea's uranium enrichment program 09/04/09

KR: US ‘liberators' turned South Korea into a neo-colony 09/04/09

LK: ‘Orchestrated campaign against Sri Lanka': 09/06/09

MM: Q+A-Will the conflict in northern Myanmar intensify? 09/01/09


AA: Nasty side of radical Islam 09/05/09

CN: China Fires City Leader Following Protests 09/05/09

ID: Terrorism takes on democracy in Indonesia 09/03/09

IN: ‘We will retaliate if Pak keeps violating ceasefire' 09/04/09

KP: Military source warns of North's EMP bomb 09/01/09

KS: Two cops killed in Jammu and Kashmir 09/03/09

LK: Boycott Threat Looms Over Sri Lanka 09/04/09

MM: Myanmar's ethnic challenges in elections: analysts 09/06/09

TH: Letters from Tokyo Islamic Militants Target Buddhists in Thailand 09/04/06

Special Operations

AA: RI, A`lian air forces hold joint exercise in Darwin 09/01/09

CN: China stages biggest maritime rescue exercise 09/03/09

IN: Ulfa leader killed in Assam 09/06/09

PH: Philippines: CPP commends LSG Gadian's exposé of US military … 09/05/09

Security Forces

AU: Australian Armed Forces demonstrate firepower at Exercise Chong Ju … 09/04/09

BD: Three killed in Bangladesh drive against Left extremists 09/05/09

BD: Two Bangladeshi nationals nabbed in Assam 09/02/09

CN: China's southern province installs 1 mln cameras to monitor crimes 09/04/09

CN: World Digest: Security Forces Patrol Western Chinese City a Day … 09/03/09

HK: Vice cartel smashed in Hong Kong: police 09/02/09

ID: Indonesia Tightens Aviation Security 09/05/09

ID: Tangerang prosecutors destroy Rp 6b worth of drugs 09/03/09

LK: Police, the citizen and the public's role 09/03/09

MM: Burmese Forces Seize Drugs Near China Border 09/05/09

NZ: NZ police take drug fight offshore 09/04/09

PH: Alleged Aide To Muslim Rebel Leader Arrested In Philippines 09/04/09

PH: Security forces chasing 44 Abu Sayyaf 09/01/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: China and Slovakia hope to further enhance cooperation 09/03/09

AA: New variables on China-Japan ties with Hatoyama in power 09/01/09

AA: Pakistan must satisfy India for resumption of talks: Krishna 09/06/09

AU: Australia ‘secretly supported' ETimor independence 09/04/09

FJ: Commonwealth expels Fiji 09/01/09

JP: Japan's DPJ could reshape ties with US 09/05/09

KS: We'll continue to give moral, diplomatic support to Kashmir: Pak 09/04/09

NP: Nepal govt wobbles as Maoists hijack Pashupatinath's sons' legacy 09/05/09

PH: Filipinos want US soldiers out 09/02/09

TW: Taiwan Isn't Gagging Dalai Lama During His Visit 09/02/09


AA: Croatia outraged Australia won't extradite war crime suspect 09/03/09

AU: Revealed: crime groups muscle in on security firms 09/04/09

CN: Security guards a source of insecurity in China 09/04/09

IN: India's Silent Sufferers 09/03/09

KR: Ethnic Gangs Make Growing Presence Felt 09/04/09

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