CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 24 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA:  Counterterrorism at the expense of COIN will doom Afghanistan and Pakistan: US officials 09/24/09

AA: Israel hiding nukes in Golan, Syria claims 09/22/09

AA: Al-Qaida release video message likening Barack Obama to George Bush 09/23/09

AF:  Afghan jails are base for al-Qaida and Taliban, says US commander 09/21/09

AF:  Afghan warlords will fight if U.S. gives aid 09/22/09

IR:  National security adviser says Iran advancing in making medium-range missiles 09/20/09

IR:  Reading Iran by the Letter 09/20/09

KG: Kyrgyz officials urge return to death penalty 09/23/09

PK:  Pakistan probes detained Swedes on al-Qaida ties 09/21/09

PK:  Qaeda's training area in Pakistan is ‘the most dangerous spot on the map' 09/21/09

PS: Haniya Says Gaza Siege Crime Against Humanity, Human Rights Groups … 09/23/09

YE: Food running out in Yemen refugee camps: UN 09/23/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AF:  Afghan officials live in fear of Taliban assassins 09/22/09

IQ:  Iraq says no progress with Syria over insurgents 09/19/09

LB:  Extremists ‘distributing arms in Tripoli' 09/23/09

LB: Lebanese army warns against ‘Israeli schemes' 09/20/09

PK:  Pakistani Army, Taliban clash in Waziristan 09/22/09

PK:  Taliban bomb Pakistan school: officials 09/22/09

PK:  Thousands flee as Pakistan hits militant stronghold 09/23/09

PS: Armed wings of DFLP, PFLP claim attack on Israeli forces in Gaza 09/23/09

YE:  Yemen's North Hit by Bloodiest Fighting in Years 09/20/09

Special Operations

AA: 2nd BCT paratroopers to train with foreign forces 09/23/09

AA: ISI operative held in Patna 09/22/09

AA: Israeli unit to curb extremist settlers 09/23/09

AF: Afghanistan: New Zealand sends special forces to boost force 09/21/09

LB: UNIFIL reiterates commitment to bringing peace in southern Lebanon 09/23/09

Security Forces

AF:  Army draws up plan to send 1,000 more troops to Afghanistan 09/22/09

AF:  Obama Is Considering Strategy Shift in Afghan War 09/22/09

AF:  U.S. Commanders Told to Shift Focus to More Populated Areas 09/22/09

AF:  US sees hand of elite Iranian unit in Afghanistan 09/22/09

KG: Kyrgyz Forces Recapture One Escaped Prisoner 09/20/09

PK:  Pakistan arrests top Taliban commander 09/21/09

PK:  Police say attack on Pakistani minister foiled 09/21/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: A vision exists for Middle East peace – it's 423 pages long 09/24/09

AA:  Obama to Meet With Mideast Leaders 09/20/09

AA: Saudi Shi'ite figure freed after 18 mth detention 09/22/09

AA: Chinese, Turkmen presidents pledge to further ties 09/21/09

IR:  Iran's internal problems curb regional ambitions: analysts 09/22/09

KZ: CIS representatives to discuss struggle against international … 09/21/09


AA: Israelis arrested for holding Filipino woman captive 09/20/09

EG: Egypt police kill Eritrean migrant at Israel border 09/23/09

EG: Muslim Man Beheads Christian in Egypt 09/21/09

LB: Shiite financier investments embarrasses Hezbollah 09/22/09

PS:  Palestinians say death of J'lem man was murder, not “security related” 09/24/09


UZ: Uzbeks issue posters of suspects 09/23/09

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