Call for Multinational Editors

Authors & Editors

open doorThis web site is infinitely expandable, and is backed up by our websites and databases in Sweden.  We are seeking multinational editors who will receive full editorial privileges here in return for covering specific countries or topics from a Public Intelligence perspective.  Within couintries we also seek “tribal” editors, one each for each of the eight tribes of intelligence (academia, civil society, commercial, government, law enforcement, media, military, and non-governmental).  Within Civil Society we are especially interested in editors covering labor unions and religions as both a constituency (in need of public intelligence) and in the case of religion only, as a threat (penetrating governments and exerting undue illegal influence on public policy).

Editors, who may be anonymous to the public, are likely to be offered free admission to the new annual multinational information sharing and sense-making conference.  Use Contact to get in touch

We will support postings in any language with the request, not a condition, that the title and first paragraph be provided in English for indexing purposes.

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