EUCOM Week in Review Ending 2 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: NGOs discuss the future of nuclear power in Europe and Bulgaria 08/28/09

AZ: Karabakh Peace Process Must Be Fully Inclusive 09/01/09

CY: ‘North Cyprus isolation crime against humanity' 09/02/09

CZ:  Czech soldiers have extremist leanings – military counterintelligence report 09/02/09


IL:  NICE to Enhance Security Offering With the Acquisition of Hexagon 08/31/09

PT:  U.S. sends two Syrians from Guantanamo to Portugal 08/29/09

RU: Russia's tails appear to be wagging the Kremlin dog 09/02/09

TR: Tanbay: Turkey close to solving Kurdish problem for the first time 08/31/09

UK:  Britain Releases Documents on Libyan's Release 09/01/09


GR: Bomb outside Athens Stock Exchange building in Greece lightly … 09/02/09

IL: Israeli troops kill West Bank boy 09/01/09

RU:  Chechnya and Its Neighbors Suffer a Relapse 08/31/09

RU: Russia's Brutal Guerrilla War 08/31/09

TR: Four soldiers killed in PKK attack in eastern Turkey 08/30/09

Special Operations

AA: Macedonian army takes part in NATO exercise in Serbia 08/31/09

AZ: American Militaries To Visit Azerbaijan 09/01/09

BY: Lukashenka promises to sign CSTO's agreement on rapid response force 08/28/09

CZ: Czech NATO air force mission in Baltic ending 08/30/09

CZ: Russian agents are trying to push through their interests in the … 08/31/09

DE: Germany takes control of UNIFIL naval unit 09/01/09

Security Forces

AM: Many Armenian officers want to leave country and serve in other … 08/28/09

CY: Cyprus donates to Somalia 08/31/09

DE: Germany arrests suspect in plot to attack US targets 08/28/09

IL:  Israeli planes hit suspected Gaza tunnel building 08/31/09

KV: Kosovo police question 4 alleged terror suspects 08/28/09

RU:  Russia deploys missiles along border with North Korea 08/29/09

RU: Russia ‘kills al-Qaeda operative' 08/31/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Analysis: Turkey, Armenia tackle differences 09/02/09

AA: Estonia-Denmark Defence Co-operation is Active and Successful 09/01/09

AA: Netherlands – MFA – Progress in Romania and Bulgaria inadequate … 09/02/09

AA: OHR Bosnia – Inzko Meets Croatian, Slovenian and Turkish Foreign … 08/31/09

AL: Albania: Movement Towards EU Membership 08/31/09

AZ: Azerbaijan – President Ai of Council of Europe Congress of Local … 09/02/09

BA: Bosnia – Speech by High Representative and EU Special … 09/02/09

TR: Turkish PM calls for int'l coop against terrorism 09/01/09


AZ: Scientific worker of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and … 09/01/09

AZ: Trial of “Forest brothers” postponed 08/28/09

BA: Bosnian police arrest two suspected war criminals 08/28/09

BA: Bosnia: Police crack organized crime ring 09/01/09

CY: Assassination of Cyprus AG foiled 08/28/09

IE: Irish gangs buying Dutch heroin face police crackdown 08/28/09

IL: Israeli Arab charged in Hezbollah plot to kill IDF chief 08/31/09

IL: PM: Violent crime is a kind of terrorism 08/30/09

IL: Former Israeli leader Olmert indicted on fraud charges 08/31/09

RS: Regional gang leader arrested 09/01/09

UA: Ukrainian President Says Murder Investigation Will Impact Election 08/29/09

US: Two Czech Men Arrested In ID Theft Ring 08/31/09

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