SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 1 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: ARMOR: Improvised Armor In South America 08/29/09

AA: Falkland/Malvinas experience repeatedly recalled in Unasur summit 08/30/09

AA: Latin American Physical Security Market Growing: Report 08/31/09

AA: Mexico and Argentina move towards decriminalising drugs 08/31/09

CO: “An eternal battle against oblivion” 08/31/09

CO: Meeting a Girl FARC Guerrilla in Bogotá 08/29/09

GT: Malnutrition in Guatemala A national shame 08/27/09

SV: Safe Regions to Control Violence in El Salvador 08/29/09

VE: Fourth Generation Warfare: Twisting our minds into total submission… 08/26/09

VE: Venezuela: Communes Providing Hope, Solidarity and Participation 08/28/09


BR: Over 500 families in São Paulo left homeless after forced evictions 08/28/09

CO: Colombia: Investigate Massacre in Southern Region 08/31/09

CO: Colombian Rebels Release Videos Of Hostage Troops 08/31/09

EC: Ecuador's leader threatens closure of TV network 08/29/09

GY: The threat to Guyana is from within 08/27/09

PE: SLIDE SHOW: Six killed in shootout between Peruvian soldiers and … 08/26/09

PE: Two Wounded in Rebel Attack, Peruvian TV Reports 09/01/09

VE: Venezuela accuses protesters of attempting ‘rebellion' 08/29/09

Special Operations

VE: Venezuela's Chávez preparing for a “rupture in relations” with … 08/26/09

Security Forces

BR: Murderous Militia Group Dismantled in Brazil 08/28/09

CO: Colombia Nabs Guerrilla Tied To American's Killing 08/27/09

CO: Colombian countryside gets safer for bicyclists 09/01/09

JM: CCTV helping reduce crime in Jamaica problem area 08/31/09

VE: Chavez rules out Russian military bases in Venezuela 08/30/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Bring order to arbitrary acts 09/01/09

AA: S. American leaders warn against ‘foreign forces' 08/28/09

BR: Brazil's Lula Calls For Latin Dialog Over Colombia Row 08/28/09

CO: Colombia says Chavez ‘meddling' 08/27/09

PY: Treasure Board President Vic Toews visits Paraguay to foster … 08/27/09

VE: Opposition Caracas Mayor Slams Chávez for ‘Risking War' with Colombia 08/28/09


AA: Drug Cartels Make $64 Billion a Year from US, Mexican Says 08/27/09

AA: RIGHTS-MEXICO: Slow Progress Against Human Trafficking 08/27/09

AR: Ex-prison chief in Argentina accused of 40 crimes against humanity 08/28/09

BR: Gunmen Kill 4 in Brazil 08/30/09

BR: In Brazil's Wild West, police press politician with investigation 08/28/09

GT: Guatemala makes landmark civil war conviction 08/31/09

GY: Guyana Coast Guard murder accused dismissed from army 08/29/09

HN: Honduran Military Coup Reverses Women's Gains in Human Rights 08/31/09

TT: Cops caught stealing $96000 08/30/09

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