EUCOM Week in Review Ending 23 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Ahmadinejad: Military will ‘cut off' hand of enemies 09/22/09

AA: Europe must stand up for Georgia 09/21/09

AA: Hearings on Armenian-Turkish issue commence shortly 09/18/09

AA: NATO, US & Russia could join forces on missile defense 09/18/09

AM: Armenia's President awarded military ranks 09/18/09

BG: War of words in Bulgarian judiciary escalates 09/21/09

DE: We need Germany far more than it needs us 09/22/09

HR: FT: Croatia Hopes in Vain to Capitalize on Bulgaria, Romania Poor … 09/19/09

IL: Israel's ‘prisoners of conscience' 09/23/09

IL: No war imminent with Hezbollah, Israeli commander says 09/21/09

KV: Kosovo official predicts higher Serb turnout in November 09/22/09

RU: Kalashnikov faces bankruptcy 09/21/09

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AM: Armenian Armed Forces break ceasefire 09/20/09

DE:  Al Qaeda threatens Germany in second online video 09/20/09

FR:  Afghan migrants brace for eviction from French ‘jungle' 09/21/09

GE: Yushchenko Warns Obama of Russia's Post-Georgia Security Threat 09/20/09

RU: Roiling Chechnya Again Vexes Russia 09/20/09

RU: Russia, Plagued by Heroin Use, to Press U.S. on Destroying Afghan Poppy Crops 09/23/09

Special Operations

BG: Bulgaria Frigate Drazki to Participate in NATO Operation 09/21/09

RS: MoD content with KFOR cooperation 09/19/09

RU:  Russian military probes media reports on Airborne Troops chief 09/23/09

Security Forces

AA: Ex-Soviet States to Set Up Joint Air Defense Networks 09/18/09

AZ: Smugglers shoot out with security forces on Azerbaijan-Russia … 09/18/09

GR: ThyssenKrupp Cancels Greek Submarine Contracts 09/22/09

TR: Turkish army seeks extension of n. Iraq mandate- TV 09/18/09

TR: Turkey weighs missile purchase options 09/18/09

UA: RIA Novosti: Ukraine's ex-PM proposes finishing missile cruiser … 09/20/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: EU: European army no closer as member states put own interests first 09/20/09

AA: Good bilateral relations between Serbia, Turkey 09/21/09

AA: US Redeploys Missile Shield: The Geopolitical Encirclment of Russia 09/19/09

AA: US says Czech Republic ‘respects' missile defense reversal 09/22/09

AM: Armenians keen on success 09/18/09

AZ: Azerbaijan Issues Protest Letter To UN Secretary on Karabakh 09/18/09

IL: Israel congratulates newly elected UNESCO head 09/22/09

IL: Israel's army chief: All options on table vs. Iran 09/21/09

RU: Russia Tries to Control the Reset Button 09/21/09

RU: Russia Wants Swiss to Mediate Euro – Security Revamp 09/21/09

UA: Ukraine's Options Limited as Russia's Time Runs Out, Kyiv Experts Say 09/22/09


AA: Probe finds war crimes evidence on both sides of Gaza conflict 09/20/09

AA:  Turkey arrests Macedonian with heroin stash 09/23/09

AL: Albanian journo on the frontline of war on drugs 09/21/09

BG: Death rate for Bulgarian addicts is Europe's fifth highest 09/21/09

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