Journal: David Ignatius on “Paradigm Shift” in the Secret World Per Hayden (US) and Omand (UK)

David Ignatius
David Ignatius

Citizen-Centered Intelligence Full Story Online
Citizen-Centered Intelligence Full Story Online

A New Deal for The CIA

By David Ignatius,The Washington Post

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hayden drew a Venn diagram to explain where the CIA needs to operate. First, he drew three circles that represent the traditional parameters: An activity must be technically feasible, operationally relevant and lawful. Then he added a fourth requirement. The activity must also be “politically sustainable,” through more transparency with Congress and the public. “We need a program that does not have an on-off switch every two years,” he said.

Omand argued that the intelligence community must accept a “paradigm shift.” The old “secret state,” in which intelligence agencies could do pretty much as they liked, is gone. In its place is a “protecting state,” in which the public gives the intelligence agencies certain powers needed to keep the country safe. It's a “citizen-centric approach,” Omand explained, based on the reality of mutual dependence. The spies need information from the community (especially the large Muslim population in Britain), and the public needs protection.

Phi Beta Iota: Reformation finds new means for old ways, Transformation adapts new means to new ways.   Empires consume their own citizens at the same time they destroy other cultures.  For serious journalism, see the work of John Pilger.

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