Zero Hedge: Trump to Regulate or Close Social Media? “Everything About This Is Insane” – #GoogleGestapo

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Trump Threatens To “Close Down” Twitter, Other Social Media To Stop Them From ‘Rigging’ 2020 Vote

“Everything About This Is Insane” – Begging Big Tech To Be Arbiters Of Truth Will Ultimately Backfire

As Liberty Bltizkrieg’s Mike Krieger noted so perfectly, “everything about this is insane.”

“The tech giants are out of control, actively laundering national security state talking points via mass media “fact checker” censorship. It’s only gonna get worse.”

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Phil Giraldi: Zionists Seek to Shut You Up — Free Speech a Felony If It Tells the Truth About Genocidal Apartheid Criminal Zionism (Never to Be Confused with Judaism)

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Zionists Have Feelings Too

Words to criticize Israel are fast disappearing

Words are important because how they are used and their context shapes the understanding of the reader or listener. In the United States there has been a concerted effort to equate any criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism while simultaneously making anti-Semitism a hate crime and thereby converting what one might perceive as exercise of a First Amendment right into a felony. This is largely being done as part of the plan to create a legal basis to suppress the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS).

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Robert Steele: NSA’s Contact Mapping

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Inside the NSA’s Secret Tool for Mapping Your Social Network

Edward Snowden revealed the agency’s phone-record tracking program. But thanks to “precomputed contact chaining,” that database was much more powerful than anyone knew.

ROBERT STEELE: A good read, but only the surface. Fifteen years of dumb phone data and all emails etc. in storage ready to be harvested against Wall Street, traitors, and elite pedophiles. NSA is probably lying to DoJ about not being able to do it.

DefDog: Judge Sullivan Hires A Defense Attorney; FBI Investigates Itself; Could the Deep State be Imploding Over Mike Flynn?

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Judge Emmet Sullivan Hires “High-Powered” DC Lawyer to Represent His Interests in Flynn Case…

The Washington Post headline reads (emphasis mine): “Federal judge hires high-powered D.C. attorney to defend his actions in Flynn case.” Which gives some insight into the framework and purpose of this event, and how it reached the WaPo narrative engineers.

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John Petersen: It’s Official – Masks Don”t Work

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Masks Don’t Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy

Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles. Furthermore, the relevant known physics and biology, which I review, are such that masks and respirators should not work. It would be a paradox if masks and respirators worked, given what we know about viral respiratory diseases: The main transmission path is long-residence-time aerosol particles (< 2.5 μm), which are too fine to be blocked, and the minimum-infective-dose is smaller than one aerosol particle. The present paper about masks illustrates the degree to which governments, the mainstream media, and institutional propagandists can decide to operate in a science vacuum, or select only incomplete science that serves their interests. Such recklessness is also certainly the case with the current global lockdown of over 1 billion people, an unprecedented experiment in medical and political history.

PDF Technical Report Available.