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Global Outlook on False Flag Operations
Global Outlook on False Flag Operations

Here to the side is the cover of an extraordinary and appropriately titled Collector's Edition of Global Outlook, Issue 13 Annual 2009.  We consider it the New Age counterpart to the first Whole Earth Catlog, a non-violent alternative to the Aranrchist Cookbook.

As with most publications where passion is paramount, we retain a reserve of caution on perhaps 20% of the content, but the other 80% is not only truthful content, it is truthful content not available from any government or media source that has been artfully and intelligently integrated from a vast array of non-fiction sources.

Sub-titled Prescription for a World in Crisis, this volume has seven parts and a resource guide, the parts focusing on the invisible government; historic patterns of deception, why 9/11 was a false flag operation; why so many cannot see through the official lies; Swine Flue Vacinations and Internet Censorship (or Shut-Down as potential operations; other strategies of the invisible government; and a guide to surviving the global crisis.

This is a responsible, intelligent publication.  Monetary Reform and Direct Democracy are on the table now.   9/11, and the pervasive but inept attempt to conceal that true nature of that atrocity opened the eyes of too many–when that was followed by 25 documented imeachable offenses and 935 documented lies by Dick Cheney and his subordinaries (albeit too late to stop the elective wars), the stage was set for the collapse of the two-party tyranny and the Wall Street-Federal Reserve cabal of criminal co-conspirators.  President Barack Obama is now firmly faced with a choice: stay with the ship on the rocks; or be the George Washington this century, pass Electoral Reform, and BE the President rather than the puppet in chief.  We pray for his emergence as a true leader.

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