SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 15 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Latin American strategy on drugs 09/10/09

AA: Militarizing Latin America 09/15/09

AR: Poor man’s cocaine ravages Argentine slums – Feature 09/13/09

AR: Argentine president intends to abolish crime of libel 09/12/09

BO: Bolivia president has satellite ambitions-UN agency 09/14/09

BO: US fears spread of Islam to … Bolivia 09/10/09

BR: Brazil Jet Bidders Have 10 Days to Improve Offers 09/11/09

CO: France committed to freeing hostages in Colombia 09/11/09

CO: Latin America: Colombian Supreme Court Rules Drug Possession Not a … 09/11/09

CR: 54 African Immigrants Found on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast 09/12/09

HN: Honduran Businesses Recruit Former Paramilitaries, El Tiempo Says 09/14/09

PE: Peru’s Shining Path founder to publish book 09/11/09

PY: Paraguay: Marches call for Lugo to act 09/13/09

TT: TRINIDAD: AG says prime minister eager to rebut corruption claims … 09/15/09


CL: Street crime, damages and hundreds arrested in Chile on coup … 09/14/09

CO: Colombia fears rebels may get surface-to-air missiles 09/12/09

CO: Colombia: Large drug cartels fade, smaller ones prosper – Feature 09/13/09

CO: PROFILE: Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) PART TWO 09/12/09

HN: Honduras Resistance Continues on Streets 09/14/09

VE: Chavez and the narcotics threat 09/13/09

Special Operations

AA: One of the World’s Largest Maritime Exercises Kicks Off in Panama 09/11/09

HN: Pentagon asks for joint military maneuvers with Honduran coup regime 09/12/09

Security Forces

AA: Paraguay and Bolivia agree on military expenditure 09/10/09

BR: How Embraer became the flagship of the Brazilian arms industry 09/14/09

CL: Chilean Congress to repeal copper sales law funding Armed Forces 09/10/09

CO: Colombian Authorities Destroy 22 Cocaine Labs 09/15/09

CO: Colombian military cleared to get full aid: US 09/11/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: South American Nations Question US-Colombia Military Base Agreement 09/14/09

BO: Bolivian Leader Meets with Spain’s King 09/15/09

EC: Ecuador keen on resuming Colombia ties 09/15/09

HT: Haiti’s Changing Tide 09/14/09

VE: Venezuelan arms deal exacerbates tension with US 09/14/09

CU: Cuba: Straight Talk on the US Embargo 09/14/09


AA: Drug kingpin pleads guilty to trafficking 09/10/09

AA: Gang killings in Mexico top 5000 for the year 09/12/09

AA: Mexican prosecutor: Bolivian plane hijacker charged with terrorism 09/10/09

AA: The Mutation of Crime and Terror in Latin America 09/13/09

AR: Argentine who stabbed girlfriend 75 times gets 5-year sentence 09/13/09

CO: Colombia Rebel Who Held American Hostages Surrenders, W Reports 09/14/09

GT: Guatemala arrests 9 in lawyer-killing scandal 09/11/09

PE: Body of Man Killed by Guerrillas Found in Central Peru 09/13/09

SV: Gang members, police officer arrested in filmmaker’s slaying 09/10/09

VE: Venezuelan Soldiers Held for Shooting Colombian Fisherman at Border 09/15/09

GT: Guatemalan soldiers sold children in war – gov’t 09/10/09

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