CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 15 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: COMMENT: Regional instability and our options —Shaukat Qadir 10/09/09

AF: Weapons failed US troops during Afghan firefight 10/12/09

AF: French killed after Italy bribed Taliban: report 10/15/09

IQ: Iraq releases new death toll figure 10/14/09

IR: Iran investigating prominent opposition cleric 10/13/09

IR: In Iran, 2 get death sentences for postelection uprising 10/10/09

IR: Iran calls on foreign forces to leave Iraq 10/13/09

PK: Al-Qaeda’s guerrilla chief lays out strategy 10/14/09

PK: ‘Feared’ Uzbek militant in Pakistan 10/09/09

YE: Yemen ‘close to crushing rebels’ 10/14/09

Below the fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Militant attacks breed fear in Iraq, Pakistan 10/12/09

AA: Special Dispatch – No. 2596 10/14/09

AA: Taliban influence in N Afghanistan to cripple NATO mission 10/10/09

AF: US forces leave isolated Afghan base after attack 10/09/09

IQ: Ten, Including Awakening Forces Leader, Slain in Iraq Bombings 10/13/09

IQ: Four killed in spate of Iraqi violence 10/21/09

IQ: UNESCO: drought forces 100000 Iraqis from homes 10/13/09

PK: Pakistan Bombing in Northwest Kills 32; Targets Security Forces 10/12/09

SA: Yemen Conflict Creates Saudi Problems 10/15/09

YE: UN alarm over Yemen refugee camp 10/13/09

YE: Yemen rebels say ready for humanitarian corridors 10/11/09

Special Operations

AA: World’s police forces urged to share intelligence 10/11/09

JO: Jordan mourns its fallen peacekeepers 10/13/09

KZ: Leaders of CSTO states invited to the closing stage of Interaction-2009 … 10/12/09

SA: Army contingent leaves for Saudi Arabia 10/09/09

Security Forces

AF: 15 Taliban rebels arrested, 50 rifles seized in N Afghanistan 10/11/09

AF: British Plan Would Deploy Bigger Afghanistan Force 10/14/09

EG: Egypt arrests 24 Brethren members over al-Aqsa 10/11/09

IQ: Iraqi, US forces release 26 detainees in Iraq 10/09/09

KG: CSTO: Russia to establish united military base in Kyrgyzstan 10/14/09

PK: Pakistan faces challenges over operation against Taliban 10/13/09

PK: Pakistani Forces Free 39 Hostages 10/11/09

PK: US kills 4 in strike on Haqqani Network in North Waziristan 10/14/09

PK: 9 militants killed, 8 others arrested in NW Pakistan 10/10/09

PK: US strike on suspected militant hideout in Pakistan 10/14/09

YE: Yemen closes Iran-funded hospital 10/13/09

YE: Yemen Government Claims More Success Against Houthi Rebels 10/12/09

YE: Yemen forces kill 100 rebels in northern province 10/10/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Central Asian Trade Ministers Look To Boost Ties With US 10/09/09

AA: China’s top political advisor vows to boost ties with Pakistan 10/14/09

AA: Obama Focuses on Civilian Effort in Afghanistan Strategy Review 10/14/09

AF: Japan to withdraw ships from Afghanistan support role 10/15/09

CN: China, Uzbekistan pledge to enhance security coopertion in fighting “three forces” 10/13/09

IQ: Iraq’s neighbors reaffirm support for Iraqi stability 10/14/09

IR: A Different Regime Change in Iran 10/14/09

KZ: Sarkozy Develops “Strategic Partnership” with Kazakhstan 10/13/09

PS: Fatah agrees to Egypt’s Palestinian unity deal 10/13/09


AA: U.S. attorney general calls for global effort to fight organized crime 10/12/09

EG: Egypt blocks five Gaza smuggling tunnels 10/12/09

IQ: Eight Killed In Baghdad Jewel Heists 10/14/09

JO:  Jordan aims to deter ‘honour crime’ 10/11/09

SA:  Saudi to jail, fine internet law breakers 10/15/09

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