Handbook: Intelligence for First Responders

Law Enforcement, Stabilization
Complete Document Online
Complete Document Online

Phi Beta Iota: Slick in a nice way–does not get any simpler.  Someone tried hard. Three  sucking chest wounds:

1.  OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) is improperly defined.  What they call OSINT is actually OSIF (Open Source Information).  OSINT is decision-support that is responsive to the requirements of a specific person or organization and is delivered in unclassified form suitable for immediate unrestricted use.

2.  Nothing in here about helping state and local authorities do requirements definition or (heaven forbid) task the federal government for anything specifically useful.

3.  We still do not have a bottom-up community-oriented information-sharing and sense-making network that is not federal, not secret, and not expensive; nor do we have its equally essential counter-part, the multinational multifunctional information-sharing and sense-making network.

Slick.  Nice.  Useless.

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