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Voices Lost are a fundamental source of innovation once heard–diversity matters at all levels.  It merits comment that “status quo” bureaucracies are death-beds, antithetical to innovation.  This is why there is a “spike” or “lifeboat” theory of change.  OSS and EIN may one day be recognized as the lifeboat that saved US Intelligence from oblivion.  We are not holding our breath, but the reality is that there is more innovation in intelligence outside the wire–not federal, not expensive, and most certainly not secret–but the White House is too busy to realize it is being fed expensive waste.

Among our favorite readings in Innovation Orientation–we had to stop when we realized just about everything we have ever reviewed bears on this topic–innovation is about considering all information in all languages all the time, harnessing all human minds and the wealth of networks, understanding true cost, and leveraging natural design.  Innovation is about not doing what is bad for everybody, and doing more of what is right for everybody.  Innovation is life lived to its fullest–drones need not apply.  If anyone wants to have a brown bag meeting over Innovation, we're there.  Ultimately innovation is about a revolution in the mind of man, and as Plato and Durant both testify, that means that how a society handles education of the young determines everything else.  We've blown it in the USA–our Nobel triumphs (and occasional silliness) are exceptions rather than the norm.  We need a whole new mind in America.

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