Journal: CIA Opens Climate Center–the Reductionism and Irrelevance Continues within a “Dumb Nation”


The Real CIA
The Real CIA

CIA Opens Center for Climate Change. The Central Intelligence Agency announced plans to launch a center on climate change to examine the potential security risks of environmental issues.  The CIA said it was working on its new Center on Climate Change and National Security to examine the national security impact of environmental issues such as population shifts, rising sea levels and increased competition for natural resources.  CIA Director Leon Panetta described the center as an effective support tool for U.S. lawmakers examining international agreements on the environment.  “Decision makers need information and analysis on the effects climate change can have on security,” said the director. “The CIA is well positioned to deliver that intelligence.”

Phi Beta Iota: Poor CIA.  Desperately seeking relevance, now it opens a Climate Center just as Al Gore gets trashed and the Skeptical Economist gains traction with the publication of The Resilient Earth.  A decade late and out of touch once again.  This is called “reductionism.”  It does not work.  What CIA needs is a Director that understands strategic holistic integrative analysis and the importance of open sources.  Not happening.  So very sad.

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