PACOM Week in Review Ending 04 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: China, India lock horns over Kashmir 10/02/09

AU: O'Connor faces crime cash showdown 10/01/09

CN: China maps an end to the Afghan war10/01/09

CN: SCENARIOS: Key forces shaping China's long-term future 10/01/09

KP: NKorea looks to unconventional warfare: US general 09/29/09

LK: Defending the defenders of Sri Lanka 09/29/09

LK: UN Urges Release of Displaced Civilians in Sri Lankan Camps 09/29/09

MY: Slain militant leader buried in Malaysia village 10/02/09

PH: Philippines Mobilizes Armed Forces for Second Storm in a Week 10/01/09

TH: Deep concerns over shadowy Thai forces 10/02/09

VN: Viet Nam: Top priority given to rescue work 09/30/09

Below the fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Crisis in South Asia and rise of Islamist-leftist militancy 10/02/09

AA: India violates cease-fire agreement at Bajwat sector 10/02/09

IN: Indian Maoists Accused of Killing 16 Villagers in Bihar 10/02/09

KR: SKorean leader urges strong army, citing threat 09/30/09

KS: Gunbattle between militants, security forces erupt 10/01/09

KS: Indian atrocities continue on Kashmiris 10/02/09

MM: Myanmar border tense again 10/03/09

PH: US pulls troops from Philippines town after US soldiers killed 09/30/09

TH: Insurgency in Thailand's deep south continues to claim lives 10/01/09

TH: Police officer, civilian killed in Thai south: police 10/02/09

Special Operations

FJ: Fiji ‘In The Dark' Over UN Peacekeeping 09/29/09

PH: Philippines: JSOTF-P assists in rescue efforts during Manila flooding 09/30/09

Security Forces

AA: US Military Helping in Four Pacific Disasters 10/02/09

BD: Suspected militants arrested in Bangladesh 09/29/09

CN: China's military struts its stuff 10/01/09

IN: India detains 66 Pakistanis in Ajmer 09/29/09

KS: 3 top militants killed in Jammu and Kashmir 09/29/09

LK: ‘Sri Lanka discharges nearly 25000 deserters' 10/02/09

MM: Myanmar Seizes 374000 More Stimulants In Eastern Border Town 09/30/09

RU: Russia – MOD – Crews of the Long-range aviation (LRA) have … 10/01/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: India, China to lead economic recovery: IMF 10/01/09

AA: ‘Pak fears India's rise in Afghanistan; nurtures Taliban, LeT' 10/01/09

AA: China an inspiration to world revolutions: Chavez 10/01/09

CN: China Makes Another Gigantic Oil Bid 09/29/09

KP: N. Korean nuke issue limited to 6-party agenda 10/02/09

MM: US to engage in directs talks with Burma's reluctant Military junta 09/29/09

PH: FACTBOX-Five political risks to watch in the Philippines 10/02/09

TH: Thailand committed to solving border dispute with Cambodia by … 09/29/09


AA: Cyber crimes has no limit 10/01/09

AA: Shutting down child sex tourism 09/29/09

AA: Soldiers' Data Still Being Downloaded Overseas 10/01/09

AU: Identity theft, crime rife in Australia 10/01/09

BD: Bangladesh police say border guards ‘murdered' 10/02/09

CN: Chinese becoming targets of terror, crime 09/29/09

LK: Rape used as weapon of war in Sri Lanka: Clinton 10/01/09

PH: ILO asks Philippines to probe trade union killings 10/01/09

VN: Officials found guilty in illegal adoption trial 09/29/09

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