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October 05, 2009

UN Climate Reports: They Lie

By Marc Sheppard

Speaking on the Senate floor in July of 2003, Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla) rightly called the threat of catastrophic global warming the “greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

The Cybersecurity Myth by Bob Crigely

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Full Story Online

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said this week it will hire up to 1,000 cybersecurity experts over the next three years to help protect U.S. computer networks. This was part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the announcement was made by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, who also said they probably won’t need to hire all 1,000 experts, which is good because I am pretty sure THERE AREN’T ONE THOUSAND CIVILIAN CYBERSECURITY EXPERTS IN THE ENTIRE FRIGGIN’ WORLD!!!!

Phi Beta Iota: Correct. The politicization of United Nations as well as all government and corporate “reporting” to the public is now out of control. In no way does this reduce the need for real-time science and real-time policy (changes to the Earth that used to take 10,000 years now take three), but it does demand that we recognize that the corruption of all information being presented to the public is now virtually total. There is an urgent need for both bottom-up Internet resilience (every appliance a server-router with Wi-Fi), and bottom-up public intelligence.

One comment on the Crigely piece too good to overlook:

Pi says:

A degree, a position in a high-flyer company, a self-inflicted title (like “expert”), these are nothing useful once you must resolve actual problems.

Those “experts” advocate for larger budgets, more staff, more security layers, more clueless (expensive) stuff.

Sadly, the DoD, like NASA, is a job project. It is all about inflating budgets to pay an endless number of people join the growing overhead of a pointless (from the security point of view) organization.

“Intellectuals resolve problems, geniuses prevent them.” Albert Einstein could teach a thing or two about experts.

“He who can does. He who cannot teaches”.

George Bernard Shaw made it clear: if you really understand the matter then you really make the difference -to the point that everybody will notice.

Here is one example of demonstrated insight:

The TrustLeap G-WAN web server’s ANSI C scripts (108 KB of portable user-mode code) are 5x faster than IIS 7.0 ASP.Net C# (in kernel).

It’s also 120x faster than Apache/Zend PHP.

It took only 3 days for Microsoft to notice (and send its dogs to attack the too-gifted newborn).

How the “experts” are welcoming such a nice tools? They censor it systematically because it does not server their cause. G-WAN makes them look inefficient and unfair.

After 3 months (and tenths of thousands of attacks), G-WAN is still up and running. Not a single vulnerability was found -a record in computer-science history.

“Experts” are not security for a single reason: if they were capable, they would deliver -and nobody would need them again (because all systems would be safe).

Security is a job project, nothing else.

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