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5.0 out of 5 stars Not What I Expected and Glad to Watch on United
October 31, 2009
Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds
I would not have selected this movie on my own, and that would have been my loss. On my way over to Europe it was the only one of the movies that was even passingly attractive, so I let it happen.

This is a fine romantic comedy. Sandra Bulluck is one of my favorite actresses and I end with some of the other moview I have really liked that feature her.

In a nut-shell, she plays a boss clearly related to Satan, and while Ryan Reynolds is her hapless assistant who becomes valuable when she suddenly needs a husband.

Betty White and Mary Steenburgen come into play at the very end of the movie.
The movie surprises and delights. At the end of it both of the two main characters have flipped in the most positive way possible, and I liked it. Completely different from this, but also a romantic comedy with conflict, is The Ugly Truth (Widescreen Edition) and further back in time but still great, He Said, She Said

Ryan Reynolds is not a name I recognize, he was world-class in this movie, and would appear to be ready to move up from the fraternity silly movie genre.

Other films with Sandra Bullock I especially liked:
The Net
Two Weeks Notice (Full-Screen Edition) (Snap Case)
The Lake House (Full Screen Edition)
28 Days (Special Edition)

And of couirse there are others.

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