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cover ugly truth

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Public Orgasm Acting; Best Pair Acting, Charming in Every War
October 31, 2009
This is one of four movies I caught to and from Europe. Of them all, this one was so charming that I watched it three times, the second two on background while reading.

Right up front, this movie makes movie history with best public orgasm acting, directing, and screenplay, but mostly acting. Phenomenal. It buries the previous champion (IMHO), Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

Katherine Heigl deserves a great deal more respect in billing. If she was the supporting actress then she's earned an Oscar in my view. I first encountered her in Love Comes Softly but not to remember as an actress. That DVD earned a very good review and for a Christian values film, was pretty phenomenal.

I have not seen any of her other movies, a few listed below that I might pick up, but I have the feeling she is ready to move out of the “chick flick” genre and up to the full enchilada.

Wish Upon a Star
Love's Enduring Promise
My Father the Hero with Gérard Depardieu
Side Effects
27 Dresses (Full Screen Edition)

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