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Catalog Online

For the first time we are posting a link twice, in both Professional Sites (as a publisher) and in Righteous Sites (as a contributor).  For some time now we have been struck by the consistent value and inherent righteousness of much of what this organization does.

They describe themselves as Deep Green for 25 Years, and in the introduction to their latest catalog, speak of “being addicted to ideas that promise to rebuild our culture on a more compassionate, sustainable basis.”

All good.  As will be evident from our review of The Resilient Earth, a book not published by New Society Publishers, the green movement leaves a lot to be desired in terms of coherence, holistic analysis, and plain common sense–Al Gore being a stricking example of smoke over substance.

Below are a few of the titles that represent the best of this earnest organization's offerings:

Theodore Roszak, The Making of an Elder Culture

John Michael Greer, The Ecotechnic Future

Richard Gilbert and Anthony Perl, Transport Revolutions

Blake Boles, College without High School

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