AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 02 Nov 09


Hot Topics

CD: Protest in DRC over insecurity 11/01/09

CF:  Children bearing brunt of Central African Republic’s troubles, says UNICEF offic 10/21/09

DZ: Algeria: Al-Qaeda failing to attract recruits govt claims 10/30/09

ET: Can Ethiopia’s Electoral Code Guarantee Fair Elections? 11/01/09

ET: Ethiopia: 3 soldiers defect to Eritrea 10/31/09

GM: Former military police commander calls on exiled soldiers to unite 10/28/09

KE: Keep eye on northern Kenya, experts tell State 10/31/09

NG: Many Nigerians Support Giving Jobs to Former Militants 10/28/09

NG: Nigeria: Post Amnesty Rehabilitation 10/30/09

SD: Uganda Government News: Sudan refutes Presence of LRA rebels in Darfur 10/29/09

SO: Somalia Prime Minister Says Government Will Crackdown on Piracy 10/29/09

ZA: South Africa Rocked by Financial Crisis as Unemployment and Debt Soar 10/29/09

ZW: Exploring the possibilities of non-violent reform in Zimbabwe 11/01/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Numerous Attacks By Suspected LRA Elements Continue To Be Reported In … 10/30/09

AA: One million displaced in Eastern, Central Africa 10/30/09

CD: Police ‘killed’ in north DR Congo 10/30/09

CD: DR Congo in better situation but still in aftermath of insecurity 11/02/09

CI: Ivory Coast’s old foes ‘rearming’ 10/28/09

GN: Prepare for the worst in Guinea 10/28/09

ML: Sahelian Blowback What’s Happening in Mali? 10/28/09

SO: Dozens killed in Somali fighting-rights group 11/01/09

SO: The threat from Somalia 11/02/09

SO: Somalia president escapes surprise attack 10/28/09

SO: Somalia: Forces from Somaliland and Puntland regions clash in northern region 10/28/09

Special Operations

CD: Stabilization of the East: Reconciliation mechanisms are necessary 10/30/09

SO: Somali defends AU peacekeepers’ role 10/29/09

Security Forces

AA: Yemen arrest five Somalis 10/29/09

CF: 10 LRA rebels cede to Congolese forces 11/02/09

CG: Congolese president says he’s winning in east 10/30/09

CG: Lack of un air power endangers Congo civilians 11/01/09

DZ: Algeria seizes 3.5 tonnes of cannabis: reports 10/31/09

SO: Bullets fly on the high seas 11/02/09

UG: Uganda: Three LRA Rebels Surrender 10/28/09

UG: Govt deploys more troops at Uganda-Congo border 10/31/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Western Sahara-Morocco: Poisoning the Well? 10/31/09

MA: Clinton in Morocco to meet with Arab leaders 11/01/09

NG: Sudan: Representatives Reject Motion On Al-Bashir Visit 10/28/09

ZA: Senior Chinese official pledges to advance ties with South Africa 10/29/09

ZW: Zimbabwe foreign minister: UN trip a ‘provocation’ 10/30/09


AA: Sierra Leone court sends convicts to Rwandan prison 10/31/09

CD: Armed men beat up and rob 100 civilians in DR Congo 10/28/09

CD: Congo soldiers kill unit chief after no-looting order: UN 10/28/09

LR: Liberia: Charles Taylor Did Not Plan Any Operations With Sierra Leonean Rebels … 10/29/09

NG: Politicians, not police, rig election in Nigeria – Osayande 10/31/09

UG: Uganda Business News: Shops in Kampala close over terrorists attack 10/30/09

ZA: S African officials aiding Pak crime gangs 10/28/09

ZA:  Zimbabwean killed as mob claims justice 11/02/09

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