PACOM Week in Review Ending 091101


Hot Topics

AA: As US looks for exit in Afghanistan, China digs in 10/31/09

AU: China is not a strategic threat: Australian opposition leader 10/31/09

CN: China's crime-buster gets a second wind 10/30/09

CN: The monks and the military 10/31/09

CN: US admiral concerned about China military buildup 10/30/09

IN: India rebels ‘got corporate fund' 10/29/09

IN: India Withdraws Some Kashmir Troops In Peace Gesture 10/29/09

KR: Korean lecturer ‘spied for North' 10/29/09

PH: The Philippine experience: linkages between a strong adherence to human rights … 10/29/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: ‘Terror in Pakistan may spill over to India' 10/31/09

AA: Thai-Cambodian Tension Tests Claims of Regional Peace 10/28/09

BD: Four killed as worker-police clash in Bangladesh 10/31/09

IN: India is preparing for possible war with China and Pakistan 10/31/09

IN: India Maoist militia kills rivals 10/29/09

IN: Rebels Widen Deadly Reach Across India 10/31/09

MM: Rising instability in Eastern Burma 10/29/09

PH: Rebel killed, 3 soldiers injured in fresh clashes in S. Philippines 10/31/09

TH: Four civilians killed in Thai south: police 10/28/09

Special Operations

AA: India, Thailand in joint Navy training off Phuket 10/30/09

IN: Paramilitary forces for Goa okayed 11/01/09

VN: Marine militia may be set up to protect sea and islands 10/30/09

Security Forces

AA: Drug squads get lab training 10/29/09

AU: Australia to combine four Mideast bases 10/30/09

GU: PACOM's ‘Allied Nations' Strategy Will Drive Guam's Base Tactics 10/29/09

IN: India ready to face any Taliban threat: Army Chief 10/30/09

IN: Seven separatist rebels killed in India's Manipur state 11/01/09

IN: India: Maoist Hostage Train Secured 10/28/09

KH: Cambodia gives big boost to military budget 10/31/09

NZ: DNA to help NZ cops stop crime 10/29/09

PH: PNP: LGUs must also account for own guns 10/31/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Mottaki criticizes major powers for spreading extremism in region 11/01/09

AA: Audrey Young: New Zealand just a blip on Tokyo radar 10/29/09

AA: Bulgaria President Discusses Afghanistan with Australia PM Rudd 10/30/09

AA: China wants good ties with India: Krishna 10/28/09

AA: China–Guinea deal highlights Africa business ties 10/29/09

ID: Indonesia condemns Israeli violence in Palestine's Al Quds mosque 10/30/09

PH: Gov't, MILF ready to open peace talks: senior official 10/29/09

TW: Taipei can't talk peace with a gun held to its head 10/29/09


CN: Chinese crackdown nets thousands of ‘stolen' children 10/29/09

IN: Criminal intent 10/28/09

LK: Sri Lanka outcry over police brutality 10/29/09

LK: S Lanka orders death threat probe 10/30/09

NZ: Blitz on crime bosses 10/29/09

NZ: Researchers expose a pattern for white-collar crime 10/28/09

PH: Gunmen Ask £1.2 Million Ransom For Priest In Philippines 10/31/09

TH: Drug smuggling to Thailand mounts 10/31/09

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