CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 28 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: German minister resigns over airstrike in Afghanistan 11/27/09

AA: Organized crime in the Caucasus 11/28/09

AA: Tajikistan urges compromise on power grid with Uzbekistan 11/25/09

AA: International patience with Iran is “running out” 11/27/09

AE: Assessing fallout of Dubai's credit disaster 11/27/09

AF: NATO Forces Find Crash Site of Helicopter in Afghanistan 11/27/09

IR: Iran pilgrims stage protest as hajj peaks 11/26/09

LB: Lebanon agrees Hezbollah right to use arms against Israel 11/26/09

LB: Lebanon: A National Unity Government that Fragments the State 11/25/09

SA: Ibrahim al-Rubaish: New Religious Ideologue of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia Calls … 11/25/09

SA: SAUDI ARABIA: Kingdom steps up hunt for ‘witches' and ‘black magicians' 11/27/09

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AF: Taliban leader says US faces defeat in Afghanistan 11/25/09

AF: Taliban Open Northern Front in Afghanistan 11/26/09

IQ: In Iraq, 2 Attacks Raise Fears of Sectarianism 11/25/09

PS: Protesters, soldiers hurt in West Bank clashes 11/28/09

SY: Syria's Path to Islamist Terror 11/25/09

YE: Five killed in protest in southern Yemen 11/25/09

YE: Yemeni troops, rebels in battle near northern city 11/28/09

Special Operations

AF: us military ramps up training of Afghanistan police forces 11/28/09

IR: Iran says war games successful 11/26/09

Security Forces

AA: Security Forces Along Iraq, Turkey Border Inspect Trucks 11/28/09

AF: Afghan, NATO forces detain militants in S Afghanistan 11/26/09

AF: Official: Over 2 dozen Taliban militants killed in E Afghanistan 11/29/09

PK: Pakistan Forces Kill Militants Trying To Block Supplies… 11/24/09

PS: Palestinian police shut West Bank radio station 11/27/09

SA: Saudis claim key mountain win over Yemeni rebels 11/28/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Doubts persist over weapons exports 11/24/09

KG: International anti-terrorism conference held in Kyrgyzstan 11/24/09

PK: Pakistan president claims success against Taliban 11/29/09

PS: Palestine calls for release of intifada leader in prisoner swap with Israel 11/28/09


IQ: Suicide attacks down, extortion up in Iraq's Mosul 11/27/09

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