Journal: China, Gold, Silver, and the Future

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China Gold
China Gold - Full Story Online

How and why China will flood the gold market

Number is even more striking for silver

Phi Beta Iota: Three points:

1.  An audit of Fort Knox will probably disclose that USA has half its claimed holdings in gold.

2.  China is leveraging the considerable buying power of its multi-billion population in a very clever manner.

3.  China has 80% or more of all the other precious metals including those needed to create green energy, still in the ground–the rest of the world will pay dearly for them  The USA has failed to do a current strategic resources survey and has no strategy for getting into the future in any semblance of peace and prosperity for all.

Below the Fold: Reference Links on Chinese Strategic Minerals

Beijing cornering strategic minerals

China to Establish Reserve System for Strategic Mineral Resources

China on buying spree for strategic mineral and energy assets

Feeding the Dragon: China’s Quest for African Minerals

Minerals: Crumbling Bedrock of U.S. Security

Strategic Minerals: The Geopolitical Problems for the United States (Book, 1988)

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