Event: 11-12 Dec 09 Berkeley Springs WV Change Workshop with Don Beck and John Petersen

Workshop Details
Workshop Details

Explore the landscape of large-scale change and map the pathways to a future new world in an intense, hands-on, unprecedented workshop with Don Beck and John Petersen.

Humanity is seeing the growing stress fractures of a global system undergoing extraordinary, historic change. Social systems are surfacing extreme responses to unprecedented threats to the status quo. Titanic shifts in the global financial, climate and energy systems all seem to be conspiring to undermine the effectiveness of almost every historical – and familiar – approach to living on this planet.

This workshop is an unequalled opportunity to learn about the options, potentials, processes, and possibilities related to large scale change.

A Few Links and Reviews (including DNI’s Global Trends 2025):

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

Review: Out of the blue–Wild cards and other big future surprises–how to anticipate and respond to profound change (2007)

Out of the Blue: How to Anticipate Big Future Surprises (2003)

Reference: Global Trends 2025

Review: Seven Tomorrows (1982)

Review: Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution

Review: The Upside of Down–Catastrophe, Creativity, and the Renewal of Civilization

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