Journal: $20M water desalination project in Iraq

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Full Story Online

Adding to installations in Oman and Egypt, India’s Shivsu Canadian Clear says its new plant in Baghdad is expected to convert 20 million liters per day.

The company’s Vice President Satish Kumar told the Cleantech Group today that the Iraq installation uses reverse osmosis to convert seawater into potable water that has industrial and drinking water purposes. Kumar said the desalination technology builds on other installations the company has made around the world, with improved wall paneling inside the containerized system so that it can withstand different environments.

Phi Beta Iota: Water desalination costs have dropped radically in the past decade, from tens of dollars per cubic meter to pennies per cubic meter.  For a variety of reasons from remediation of poverty and disease to reduction of conflict, funding water desalination plants is one of two extremely rewarding investments–the other is in the education of women or the empowerment of women (e.g. telephone ladies in India).

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