Robert Steele: Solar Minimum, Food Crisis, Failure of Intelligence

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Professor Valentina Zharkova: “We Entered the ‘Modern’ Grand Solar Minimum on June 8, 2020”

Zharkova’s latest analysis suggests that a repeat of a Maunder Minimum-style spell of global cooling will run through solar cycles 25–27 (2020–2053).

ROBERT STEELE: This is very important because in combination with all the other depradations against our food supply we could face a real crisis if counter-measures are not devised.  In my view the US Intelligence Community has been an abject failure at combining holistic analytics and true cost economics — it would be too much to expect them to champion Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). I have however changed my view about cutting the IC by 70%. I have instead embraced Bill Golden's view that we need to re-direct the wasted 70% toward Global Coverage, Third World, and Domestic Integrity targets.

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Robert Steele: Christian Collectivism, Anti-Fragile Localization — A Second American Revolution?

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I've been spending a lot of time thinking about how to resurrect America the Beautiful.  My reading on the goodness of America the Beautiful is bracketed on one end by Kevin O'Keefe's The Average American–The Extraordinary Search for the Nation’s Most Ordinary Citizen and most recently by the gloriously uplifting book by James and Deborah Fallows, Our Towns – A 100,000 Mile Journey into the Heart of America by James and Deborah Fallows BONUS 1 Minute Video.

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SPECIAL: General Mike Flynn, USA (Ret) for Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

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ROBERT STEELE: There is only one person who is both totally committed to President Donald Trump and who has the brains and the balls to be the next Director of National Intelligence. His name is Mike Flynn. The time has come for him to come back into the fight.

Here are the five reforms he can implement in service to the President with results well in time to impact on the 2020 election:

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