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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

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Understanding History's Seven Stages of Jihad

by Sebnastian L.v. Gorka

CTC Sentinel October 2009 V 2 I 10 pp. 15-17

Phi Beta Iota: The Counterterrorism Center (CTC) at West Point has been doing extraordinary work of very high value to the U.S. Central Command, with an emphasis on understanding.

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The author opens with the four kinds of jihad (heart, mind, tongue, sword), and the lists the seven historically-driven politically-defined jihads of the sword, and closes with a discussion.  Over three pages, this is first class thinking.

The seven jihads of the sword:

1.  Empire Building

2.  Suppression of apostate subjects

3.  Revolution against the “false” Muslim leaders

4.  Anti-colonial stuggle and “purification” of the religion

5.  Countering Western influence and jahiliyya (unbelief)

6.  Guerrilla warfare against secular invaders

7.  Direct targeting of civilians in terrorist attacks

Phi Beta Iota disagrees with the summary characterizatrion of the last stage.  From Bin Laden's perspective, we see stage seven as a cleansing of Islamic couintries of their corrupt leaders (Saudi Arabia) and dictators (Egypt, etc) who fails to nurture the community of Islam–and we see the USA–with all its misbehavior including the violation of Dick Cheney's promise to remove US forces from Saudi Arabia after Gulf I–as nothing more than the peripheral threat.  On more than one occasion Bin Laden and others have said that if the USA leaves the lands and stops supporting the corrupt Muslim leaders, the road to truth and reconciliation might open.  We're members of the Ronald Reagan “trust but verify” school of International Relations.  In our view, the USA must first clean its own house and redirect funds from waging war to waging peace; then participate fully in both a domestic and a global truth and reconciliation movement that integrates “true costs” of bad policies and bad products, and finally, works whole-heartedly to support the leaders of the future–Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, and Wild Cards such as Malaysia and Turkey–toward greating a prosperous world at peace.  We can do this.  It takes just one word:  INTEGRITY.

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