SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 25 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: Pentagon Manhunters: America's New Murder, Inc.? 11/23/09

AA: Iran's military forces stage war games 11/22/09

AR: Argentina forces dirty war orphans to provide DNA 11/20/09

AR: In Argentina, One Person Dies Every 28 Hours from Police Repression 11/21/09

BR: Brazil should use caution 11/25/09

BR: Italian ex-militant ends hunger strike in Brazil 11/24/09

PE: PERU: Parties Thwart Public Demand for Women in Politics 11/24/09

VE: Venezuela: A new phase and greater dangers — which way forward? 11/20/09

VE: Venezuela's Chavez Calls for International Organisation of Left Parties 11/23/09

VE: Venezuela's Debt for Russian Weapons and Tanks 11/23/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Illegal Weapons Trafficking Grows in Mexico 11/22/09

CL: Chile: Labor Strike Continues In Southern Forestry Industry 11/22/09

CO: Colombian Ombudsman reports joint patrolling of Venezuela troops and guerrillas 11/24/09

CO: Paramilitary violence weakening Democratic Security, study finds 11/23/09

CO: Six killed in Colombia bus attack 11/20/09

NI: Thousands throng rival Nicaragua rallies, 12 injured 11/23/09

Special Operations

HT: Haiti: UN troops shoot again 11/24/09

Security Forces

CL: Chile buying US weapons, radar 11/20/09

CO: Colombia Arrests Hitman Wanted in Spain 11/23/09

EC: Ecuador opens two military outposts on Colombian border 11/24/09

GT: Guatemala Seizes Cargo of Crystal Meth Ingredients 11/20/09

GT: US Anti-Drug Operation Fails in Guatemala 11/24/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Peru To Protest Chile Arms Purchases, Dressed In White 11/25/09

AA: Colombia, Ecuador resume contact on border security 11/20/09

AA: Venezuela vs. Colombia: Two leaders seek outside mediation 11/22/09

CO: Uribe Censures Demolition of Border Bridges by Venezuela 11/20/09

PE: Peru proposes a South American “peace force” to contain regional conflicts 11/24/09


AA: Mexican Drug Cartels now Control Cocaine in the Americas 11/22/09

AA: Latam Drug Lords Join Forces with Islamists 11/23/09

AA: Mexico's rural Mennonites feel impact of drug violence 11/23/09

AA: Woman smuggled cocaine from Venezuela wrapped up in her bikini bottoms 11/22/09

GT: Gangs Demand “Christmas Bonus” from Guatemalan Bus Companies 11/20/09

GT: Guatemalan gangs: swagger, tattoos but no rules 11/23/09

VE: Venezuelan Government Takes Over Four Banks and Arrests Owner 11/22/09

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