Worth a Look: Berto Jongman Recommends Current Trends in al-Qaeda and Global Jihad Activity

09 Terrorism, Worth A Look
Type :Report
Title :Current Trends in al-Qaeda and Global Jihad Activity
Source :Institute for National Security Studies
Date Added:17-Aug-2009
Publication Date :1-Jul-2008
URL :http://www.humansecuritygateway.info/documents/INSS_CurrentTrends_AlQa
Abstract :In recent years, a serious academic discussion about the al-Qaeda (or AQC – al Qaeda Central) organization has been underway, once that has also found its way into the popular media. It has focused on whether AQC has ceased functioning as an active organization and turned into an icon only, and whether its role as leader of the global jihad has been assumed by a mass movement run by a network of people, groups, and organizations whose members have undergone a process of self-radicalization. A response to this question may be found in an analysis of the activities of al-Qaeda and its affiliates, but also depends on understanding the concept of struggle according to al-Qaeda and its relationship with its affiliates.

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