Worth a Look: TIME Cover with Chuck Spinney

Worth A Look

TIME Cover Chuck Spinney
TIME Cover Chuck Spinney March 2, 1983

Phi Beta Iota: We just came across this and thought that it would be nice this day of Thanksgiving to give thanks for those rare truth-tellers who are too often ignored if not denigrated.  This cover came out the same week Chuck, whom we are honored to call a friend as well as a professional mentor, was testifying on the Hill.  It literally saved him from being fired but not from being put in a room with nothing to do until the end of his career.

We have got to stop lying to ourselves and others.  The truth will indeed make us free, but only if we listen.  The truth at any cost is the touchstone of the great philosophers for the simple reason that the truth at any cost lowers all other costs and is the foundation for evolutionary dynamics.  May God Bless America, and its patriots, among whom Chuck Spinney is assuredly one of the greats.

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