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Obama as LBJ: Domestic Politics, Escalation and the Descent Into Chaos

There have been many comparisons of the Afghan escalation question to its equivalent question in Vietnam 45 years ago, but I think the most ominous similarity lies in the way each escalation debate devolved into intellectual incoherence and confusion, mutating into an exhausted disorder, bordering on a paralysis of the decision maker's critical faculties, and finally caving in to domestic political pressures.

The New War against Reason

Mythical Jobs    The Environmental Inquisition    Politically Correct Blindness

Retired admiral says Russia losing its navy

Russia's once-mighty navy faces further dramatic decline after 2015, when most Soviet-built ships will have to be mothballed, a retired admiral was quoted as saying Friday.  The warning follows comments by Russian officials they were planning to buy a French amphibious assault warship able to carry at least a dozen helicopters or to land forces. Russia currently has no big ship with the power to anchor off coast and deploy troops onto land.

DRDO pitches for Netra for anti-insurgency operations

It is called ‘Netra’. It’s a small eye zooming in the sky to gather real time intelligence on the ground. This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), shaped like a spider and weighing less than 1.5 kg, is only a speck when flying at a height of 50 km but it can give real time inputs to the team that is controlling it on the ground.

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